What We Do

What Does Trustonic Do?

Trustonic makes the devices you use every day more secure to connect and use the Internet:

  • Trustonic brings both hardware and software level security today to nearly 500M smart devices used to access the connected world
  • Trustonic simplifies user experiences in everything from mobile shopping and Internet banking to entertainment and collaborating in the workplace in a secure way   
  • Trustonic's secure technologies enable applications to access built-in advanced security features, isolating keys, processing PINs and fingerprints away from threats, in a securely managed space on the user’s device

Trustonic enables users to have a more seamless, secure digital life.

What is the Trustonic DNA?

In 2012, three leading pioneers of security technology founded Trustonic, bringing together the respective security teams in ARM, Giesecke & Devrient (G+D) and Gemalto. ARM brought the experience gained in its hardware implemented TrustZone technology which is now integrated within in a high proportion of applications processor system on chips that lie at the heart of most smart connected products. The Trustonic implementation builds upon  decades of experience in developing highly secure tamper resistant smart card technology, commonly found in bank cards, SIM cards and government issued identity documents and works with the widely implemented Trustzone hardware security found in ARM Cortex designs.

What is the Trustonic Vision?

Enrich, simplify and expand people’s digital lives by enabling a wide range of secure valued services on smart connected devices.

What is the Trustonic Mission?

  • To be THE trusted secure solution of choice for all smart connected devices and their apps
  • To empower our partners to create applications that enrich and simplify consumers’ lives through our technology
  • Enable consumers to easily and securely enjoy any content they have bought
  • Simplify secure access to applications, payments and services by consumers

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