What We Do And What It Means For You

Trust cannot be attained without security. Trustonic integrates a new level of security directly into the connected devices closest to us. That foundation of trust means it’s even easier to do more of the things that make us who we are:  

How does Trustonic do this? By integrating secure software with secure hardware that lays at the heart of your devices. We provide each device with a set of unique keys, which enables you to manage the multiple service identities you choose to run on your devices. We call this a Trusted Execution Environment that is engineered for service providers to place their trust in your devices. It isolates and protects sensitive assets such passcodes, fingerprints and certificates, all of which enrich, expand and accelerate your digital life with a seamless user experience.

That’s all very technical, what does it mean to me?

enjoying any content on any screen; experiencing simpler, faster, safer payments and using your device at work.