Why Trustonic?

The Consumer Electronics industry has adopted “Smart”. To deliver the next generation of user experiences that are quicker, easier and more seamless we also need to adopt “Secure”.

Trustonic combines the resources from three industry leaders: ARM, G+D and Gemalto to create a secure environment that can be applied across all smart connected devices.

The three companies have been working on system security, individually, for years. With the establishment of industry standards and a pent up demand for security enhanced services the focus of Trustonic is to accelerate the wide deployment of secure, smart devices.

By creating a secure, accessible and widely deployed security infrastructure a new ecosystem for secure services and applications will emerge. These new services will create better user experiences, and simpler path to deployment:

  • Consumers will benefit from enhanced services; they will enjoy content on any screen, experience simpler, faster and safer payments and be able to use their device of choice at home or work.
  • Service providers will be able to trust in people’s devices offering customers the services they want on the smart devices of their choice.
  • Network operators have the option to bolt-on revenue generating value added services, such as enterprise security, payment services, and convergent service charging, to existing contracts.
  • OEMs & ODMs can integrate an application and service-independent security platform thatisolates andprotects sensitive assets such passcodes, fingerprints and certificates, all of which enrich, expand and accelerate people’s digital lives with a seamless user experience.
  • Silicon partners will benefit from embedded security at the core of their system-on-chips that will attract high value services.

Trustonic provides industry efficiency, reduces fragmentation, aligns investment and creates critical mass in an important growth area: secure services.

The market for smart connected devices is being fuelled by the desire of consumers to have mobile computing devices that provide them with access to the services and content they need wherever they are. This demand is being met by service providers rolling out increasingly innovative applications and services on mobile devices. But as we look to do more (mobile payment, mbanking, connecting to enterprise networks, watching premium entertainment), the security of devices and protection of services and data on them becomes a priority. Trustonic provides a scalable technological approach to both hardware and software security and the foundation of an innovative ecosystem of trusted services.