Exclusive GSMA Mobile World Live Whitepaper

GSMA's Fraud And Security Group (FASG), GSMA IMEI Database, Asset Lifecycle Protection Service (ALPS), fraud, theft and trafficking, revenue protection

This whitepaper sets out how mobile operators can increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and improve financial performance by preventing mobile fraud, theft & trafficking across the device portfolio.

Counterfeit, trafficked and stolen devices are severely damaging mobile operators’ abilities to generate revenue from subsidised devices as well as negatively impacting customer experiences. As the cost of devices increases into the thousands of dollars and customers rely on smartphones to engage in high value activities, the costs to operators and customers are spiralling upwards. This paper outlines how device-related frauds could have an impact of US$10bn per annum if trends encountered in the US are extrapolated globally.

How mobile operators can fight back

So, what can mobile operators do about it?

This whitepaper sets out industry progress to date, covering how GSMA’s Fraud And Security Group (FASG) has put forward its Prepaid Device Tracking Initiative, how GSMA’s IMEI Database enables devices to blacklisted once fraudulent activity is identified, and explaining how Trustonic’s Asset Lifecycle Protection ServiceTM (ALPS) works to enable a holistic approach to the on-device security issues that operators face.

With losses mounting into the tens of billions, this is no longer an issue mobile operators can afford to ignore.


Download Exclusive GSMA Mobile World Live Whitepaper

Download Exclusive GSMA Mobile World Live Whitepaper

Download the whitepaper – titled “How Mobile Operators Can Fight Back Against Mobile Device Theft, Fraud & Trafficking” below.

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Discover why it’s time to stem the tide and bring stolen, counterfeit and trafficked devices back under mobile operators’ revenue-generating control

With offences involving mobile devices continuing to proliferate, mobile operators need to stem counterfeiting, frauds, thefts, trafficking and other device-related crime. The rewards are maximised ARPU, increased profits and reductions in sold but not activated (SBNA) and activated but not used (ABNU) devices.

The paper is applicable to executives such as CFOs who want to stabilise revenue loss and enable new revenue streams; product marketing professionals who want to protect margins and maximise ARPU; revenue assurance specialists who want to curtail revenue loss from subsidised, financed or leased assets; security, fraud and compliance teams focused on deterring theft and crime; and to IT teams who need to integrate device lock and unlock processes into existing business systems.

About Asset Lifecycle Protection Service™ (ALPS)

ALPS is a mobile operator-focused platform designed to stop profit erosion stemming from smartphone fraud, device trafficking, sold but not activated (SBNA), and activated but not used (ABNU) exploits. By leveraging best in class hardware-backed security, Trustonic’s security approach is not susceptible to common software-based attacks or device re-flashing. ALPS integrates right into the manufacturing process so devices are protected from the moment they are built and all the way through their lifecycle. ALPS secures the device at a fundamental level giving MNOs & MVNOs a secure communication path to control the device’s modem in order to allow or restrict device communications. ALPS is trusted by some of the largest MNOs around the world and has been implemented at scale on millions of devices.

Trusted by some of the largest MNOs around the world and implemented at scale on millions of devices