Trustonic’s solutions address the needs of many service providers and app developers across multiple industry segments. The links below address the industries where we are currently most active.

Trustonic’s leading device and mobile security solutions meet the needs of many industry verticals. The solutions are designed to deliver the best available security on any given device without impacting the user experience.

And by delivering secure access to device peripherals such as the user interface, the user experience can be enhanced, reducing the complexity of common challenges like user authentication.

Trustonic’s hardware-backed security runs at full speed on device processors, delivering a fast, frictionless experience.

Through bridging service providers and device makers with a common trusted technology base, Trustonic accelerates innovation by:

  • fully utilizing the enhanced security provided by modern system-on-chip processors, found at the heart of electronic devices
  • providing devices with access to a rich set of security features
  • making security consistently accessible via industry standard open APIs, creating a vibrant application ecosystem
  • laying a foundation of trust for services to simplify and expand

Trustonic delivers a consistent security foundation common to most smart devices which cultivates an open market for trusted services that can scale across billions of devices.