FIPS, Global Platform and Common Criteria certified solutions delivering optimum security for mobile applications.

Certified, standards-based solutions to help your workforce have flexibility as well as security. Organizations are becoming heavily reliant on an increasingly mobile workforce, which often drives sensitive communications into off-the-shelf consumer handsets. Many of these handsets are outside of the control of the enterprise because of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.

These initiatives deliver employee choice and a potential reduction in cost, but can also bring an increase in risk that the data could be intercepted or compromised. The Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) solution brings best available security to your applications, ensuring that enterprise assets are protected and that data integrity can be assured. This can be achieved whilst maintaining a great user experience and still delivering employee choice.

3,940,955 records stolen every day

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TAP is unique in the market, delivering the best available on device security on both iOS and Android devices. If the device is enabled with Trustonic’s hardware protection (and over one billion devices already are) then this enhanced protection will be used. If not the best of breed FIPS 140-2 certified software protection will be utilised. Both solutions are delivered transparently to both the application developer as well as the user, through Trustonic’s GlobalPlatform certified API set.

A connected day in enterprise security

  • 08:00 Check emails

    Check emails

    Use biometric authentication to login to corporate email on phone

  • 08:45 NFC

    Building access

    Tap a phone onto a reader to enter the office building, using secured NFC access

  • 08:50 Coffee

    Coffee to start the day

    Pay for a coffee using NFC in the staff canteen using a prepaid account stored on phone

  • 09:00 Secure system access

    Secure system access

    Use a phone to provide second factor authentication to gain access to laptop using a One Time Password generator

  • 11:00 PKI

    Approve a purchase order

    Provide purchase approval using biometric sensor on handset use PKI credential

Securing Communications

Many organisations use multiple communications mechanisms, including VOIP, email and chat applications. Trustonic’s TEE can encrypt data in real time, as it has the full power of the processor, making real-time, securely encrypted voice calls possible. In addition, chat services can be fully encrypted inside the trusted application.

Mobile Pos

Securing Bring Your Own Device

By using a TEE-based solution, enterprises can rest assured that sensitive data is safe, even if the user has chosen to jailbreak their device. Trustonic hardware protection is immune from software-based attacks. TEE based solutions are deployed through the normal app store, its totally transparent to the user.

Secure One Time Password

Secure One-Time-Password

Trustonic’s solution removes the need to purchase additional OTP hardware. By using an OTP generation tool, employees will not forget or lose their code generator and, as a consequence, helpdesk calls will be further reduced. The user experience can also be enhanced by utilizing mechanisms such as push message application launch.

Industry standards based and open

Trustonic’s solution is GlobalPlatfom and Common Criteria certified. It’s designed to be open, delivering service providers with the ability to deploy apps with hardware-backed security, just like the OEM’s.

What sets the Trustonic solution apart from the competition is the ability to switch out software for hardware security when the device supports it, automatically.

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) brings a unique combination of both software- and hardware-based security to all areas of mobile enterprise services.

Using one API set, apps need to be developed just once and a single application is built, supporting both hardware and software security. Trustonic’s hardware security delivers a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is an mechanism supported by the main processor on a device which enables a secure operating system and Trusted Applications (TAs) to run on it. Trustonic’s software based security delivers industry leading FIPS certified white box cryptography and sophisticated application protection mechanisms.