Optimum mobile security for government services & applications

Government employees and contractors often store or need access to extremely sensitive information on their devices, and the loss of these often makes headline news.

For this reason, there is a rising need for strong authentication of users, and for secure storage of data. Additionally, governments are providing more access to services for their citizens, which also comes with a need for simple yet secure authentication. Enabling citizens to simply but securely access services reduces the opportunity for fraud as well as reducing helpdesk calls and cost. Trustonic’s mission is to secure these devices, enabling users to protect government assets, guarantee data integrity and securely authenticate users, irrespective of the device used.

93,400,000 Mexican voter records exposed online in April, 2016

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Secure Authentication

Secure Authentication

Whilst most smart devices now offer biometric authentication from a secured biometric sensor, any application wanting to leverage this feature must call out from the app into the rich OS environment, exposing it to risk of interception. Trustonic is working with leading device vendors to enable direct access to biometric APIs from within trusted applications, bypassing the rich OS entirely.

safeguarding sensitive data and personal information

Secure Messaging

The hardware-backed Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) can deliver a Trusted User Interface (TUI), securing the screen and keyboard. This means that any messaging can be fully isolated between the user and a 3rd party, such as a government office, thus safeguarding sensitive data and personal information from prying eyes. The TUI is immune from software-based attacks.

Physical ID and access cards can be stored digitally inside a TAP-secured device

Digital Identity

Physical ID and access cards can be stored digitally inside a TAP-secured device, safe from aliasing and hijacking threats and removing the need to carry additional cards. This not only provides enhanced user convenience but also a greater level of security, as the ID card display can be activated using biometrics. It also simplifies the process of issuing a temporary card to contractors or others.

GlobalPlatform certified and Common Criteria compliant

Industry standards based and open

Trustonic’s solution is GlobalPlatform certified and Common Criteria compliant. It is also open, meaning service providers can deploy apps with hardware-backed security post-deployment, simply by integrating Trustonic’s SDK.

FIPS, GlobalPlatform and Common Criteria certified security solutions to protect your employees and citizens across Android and iOS.

Trustonic Application Protection delivering optimum on device security

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) is a unique security solution, delivering the best handset security available on any particular device. If the user’s device is enabled with Trustonic’s hardware protection (and over one billion devices are) then this enhanced security mechanism is used.
For those devices that are not Trustonic hardware-enabled, then best of breed software-based protection is deployed. This is all performed transparently to both the application developer (who simply integrates with our standards-based API) and to the user of the app, who downloads and installs the application as usual.

For government employees/contractors

Trustonic’s hardware TEE can be leveraged to deliver robust authentication of users via secured biometrics, including fingerprint, iris scan and facial recognition.

Physical identification cards can be delivered and stored digitally via certified, secured mobile apps on smart devices, providing access to key facilities at a much-reduced cost, but a significantly higher level of security.

Access to confidential information can also be made available from any connected device and any device can be interrogated to verify integrity and legitimacy. Trustonic’s TEE can be used to securely store data at rest in devices, without any risk should the device become lost.

For citizens

Trustonic Application Protection provides optimal security to government applications, enabling secured access to critical services through strong authentication of users via biometrics, such as fingerprint recognition.

Physical identification documents can be replaced with digital facsimiles for access to services (e.g. driving licence, ID card). Sensitive and/or personal data (e.g. Tax/ID number) can be securely stored in the device, safe from rogue software attack.

Citizens can authenticate themselves to government services, simply and securely.

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