Protecting & securing your social media data

Optimum mobile security for social media applications – No longer the preserve of the geeky elite, social media networks have quickly become commonplace and increasingly important communications mediums for many of us, both socially and professionally. For millennials, social networking is a part of everyday life and their use has evolved way beyond messaging to include multimedia and commerce, as many social media channels start to accept and process payments for goods & services.

For enterprises, messaging apps have become a core part of daily business life, providing global, anytime connectivity at very cost effective prices.

As usage, features and functionality have all increased, so have privacy concerns. Whether sharing personal information with family and friends, making payments or leveraging web-based messaging for business, data integrity and personal privacy have become paramount and some social networks are now starting to encrypt all user communications as a result.

9 billion active social media accounts in 2016

Secure Authentication

Validating that the user is legitimate is the first step in ensuring privacy for social media.  Whilst most smart devices now offer biometric authentication from a secured biometric sensor, any application wanting to leverage this feature must call out from the app into the rich OS environment, exposing it to risk of interception. Trustonic works with leading device vendors to enable direct access to biometric APIs from within trusted applications, bypassing the rich OS entirely.

Data Encryption

Keeping data and communications secure is essential in social media, for a number of reasons, including privacy and safety. Trustonic’s solutions ensure that data is protected both during communication and when at rest on the device. Be reassured, that even if a device is lost or stolen, the personal data is properly secured from view.

Mobile Pos

Trusted User Interface

The hardware-backed Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) can deliver a Trusted User Interface (TUI), securing the screen and keyboard. This means that any messaging can be fully isolated between the user and a 3rd party, such as a government office, thus safeguarding sensitive data and personal information from prying eyes. The TUI is immune from software-based attacks.

2.3 billion social media users, delivering 31% global penetration in 2016
Application protection delivering hardware and software protection to Android and iOS applications

Line messenger

Line selects Trustonic Application Protection delivering hardware and software protection to Android and iOS applications

Line, one of the world’s largest instant messenger services, selected the innovative Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) solution to protect their hugely successful Line Messenger and Line Music services. TAP technology exploits the best possible security for every device, utilising the Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) hardware security where available, whilst leveraging sophisticated, white box cryptography and code protection in all other devices.

TAP will be used to safeguard against malicious software attacks for both the Line Messenger database, which resides in end-user devices, and also the DRM keys used in Line Music. Line will expand TAP protection into many other services, including gaming, and several other Line family apps which will be able to benefit from optimal mobile application security.

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