Trustonic application protection delivers comprehensive security for mobile financial services

Connected, mobile devices have rapidly become the de-facto platform for consumers wishing to interact with their financial services providers. As demand grows and the features and functionalities offered increase, there is a growing risk of attack from trojans, viruses, malware and hackers. In response to this, financial service providers must ensure they offer robust security around their services, whilst ensuring client service access remains frictionless.

465,000 identities stolen from Qatar National Bank systems in April 2016

Breach Level Index

A connected day

Many of us choose to use our devices many times a day for financial transactions

  • 07:00 pay a bill

    Login to bank app

    Pay a bill following bank reminder

  • 08:00 Use contactless payment

    Use contactless payment

    Touch your phone to the reader to pay for your journey to work

  • 08:20

    Check stock trading app

    Login to app using biometric authentication

  • 13:00 lunch

    Split the lunch bill

    Send P2P funds to colleague to pay for your share of lunch

  • 18:10

    Use contactless payment

    Touch your phone to the reader to pay for your journey home

  • 18:15

    In-App Payment

    Buy a gift through an app using biometric secured in-app payments

  • 20:30 2 factor payment authentication

    Pay for a trip

    Perform high-value payment for your upcoming vacation using 2 factor payment authentication

Mobile Banking

Most banks now offer a consumer-facing mobile application and industry mandates in many parts of the globe are forcing banks to offer more comprehensive services. TAP adds significant benefits around secure user authentication, secure storage and secure communications.

Mobile Payments

Whether in-store payments, eCommerce or in-app payments, Trustonic security can be used to simplify the authentication process, protect card data and safeguard keys and tokens. This drives up usage of mobile payments and also improves customer loyalty.

Mobile Pos

Mobile Pos

Hardware security enables a mobile device to become an approved payments acceptance terminal, reducing costs and delivering new opportunities.
The Trusted User Interface (TUI), which is a unique feature of the Trustonic TEE, enables secure PIN entry through an Android handset touchscreen.

Industry standards based and open

Trustonic’s solution is both open and GlobalPlatfom & Common Criteria certified. It gives service providers the ability to deploy apps with hardware-backed security, just like the OEMs.

What sets the Trustonic solution apart from the competition is the ability to switch out software for hardware security when the device supports it, automatically.

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) brings a unique combination of both software and hardware-based security to all areas of mobile financial services, including mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile point of sale (PoS).

Using a single API set, apps need to be developed just once and a single application is built, supporting both hardware and software security. Trustonic’s hardware security delivers a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is a mechanism supported by the main processor on the device, enabling a secure operating system and Trusted Applications (TAs) to be executed.

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