Trustonic application protection delivers comprehensive security for mobile network operators

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) continually focus on improving the end-user experience, delivering new value-added services and reducing the cost of running the network (hence increasing ROI). However, in the current environment, many carriers face disintermediation from not just competitors, but also other players in the ecosystem:

  • Increased value add from App (service) providers
  • Erosion of core carrier services (e.g, VoIP, Wifi)
  • Embedded SIM with RSP potentially replacing physical carrier owned SIM

Furthermore, MNOs face losses due to fraudulent use or malpractice, for example:

  • Fraudulent SIM unlock
  • Device thefts
  • Device stock forecasting, brand personalization, and refactoring of stock.

Trustonic technology can meaningfully address all these issues, benefitting both the carrier and the end user experience, whilst also enhancing an MNO’s products by offering genuine market differentiation through greatly improved levels of device security and availability of new device features.


Making the MNO the provider of trust

Through a Trustonic partnership, MNOs can exploit the TEE environment to deliver a common and consistent trusted platform embedded below the OS, rooted in hardware and accessible to all supported vertical services. Through such a trusted platform, an MNO can provide a rich ecosystem of 3rd party services built on enhanced security, trust and simplified user experience, helping to drive up acquisition, improve customer retention and, critically, improved ARPU.

Operational use cases

  • Dual number
  • Remote SIM Unlock
  • TEE + eSIM
  • Device lock for Device Financing & anti-theft
  • IMEI Spoofing
  • Device firmware setup

OTT services/VAS

  • Premium Content
  • Mobile Payment
  • Subscribers’ data management
  • Strong authentication (OTP, biometrics…)


  • Secure platform services
  • Application/data secure management (automotive, healthcare, home automation)
  • Virtual SIM
  • Mobile as virtual key (hotel, car, house…)
  • Home automation via mobile phone/tablet

Sim Unlocking

MNOs require simple methods for handling SIM unlocking or preventing fraudulent SIM unlock, ensuring  a positive end-user experience (reducing the time to unlock a SIM from days to seconds), whilst protecting subsidised phone investments

Premium Pay-As-You-Go

With Trustonic TEE, an MNO can enable a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) scheme that allows premium content to be streamed to end-users, utilising payment mechanisms that exist for PAYG voice and data. This provides greater control of content access and enables a lock on the content, if the subscriber does not have sufficient credit

Service Re-Provision

Porting a subscriber across different devices can be slow and cumbersome, but, by exploiting the native CPU power of a TEE, service re-provision can be effected much more quickly. Furthermore, through tools such as one-time password or secure biometric authentication, customer interactions can be kept to a minimum, making for a much better customer experience at critical times, such as new device activation.

TEE Based eSIM

As the industry looks towards embedded SIM solutions with remote SIM provisioning for IoT, M2M and also smartphones, the TEE can provide a secure domain for an embedded SIM without the need for any additional hardware such as eUICC,. This can reduce costs and free up valuable physical space in the device.

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