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Impressions from Huawei’s eco-Connect Europe conference

As part of the ongoing partnership between Trustonic and Huawei Consumer Business Group, I was kindly invited to attend the recent Huawei eco-Connect conference in Rome.

Huawei eco-Connect is Huawei’s annual flagship event for the European region. Its aim is to establish and promote an open, innovative and collaborative ICT ecosystem. Executives from all segments, thought leaders and product experts gathering to share their vision and discuss industry and technology trends and issues.

Trustonic & Huawei disrupt application shielding market with partnership

In an industry-first innovation, Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) is enabling app developers to utilize strong security across multiple Trusted Execution Environments. Partnership announcement with Huawei demonstrates first development platform to combine software TEE for iOS and Android with multi-vendor hardware TEE capability, democratizing access to the best security available for protecting apps, services and sensitive data.

Adding ASLR to a microkernel-based operating system

When implementing ASLR and Stack Canaries for this year’s Trustonic Secure Platform (TSP) product, Kinibi-410, we faced several challenges due to our TEE being a microkernel-based operating system: How should we randomize the bootstrap components?

In the Game of Trusts, Verify is the King.

Not all TEEs are equal. All the 1.7 billion+ devices with Trustonic Secured Platform have a root of trust injected in the factory, meaning that the device’s identity can be trusted.

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