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Trustonic provides a selection of security features for a diverse set of mobile devices. Smartphone users are looking for more personalised services and apps that can handle sensitive data more securely. Trusted Apps are being built on top of Trustonic technology, increasing the security for a wide range of uses, including financial transactions and authentication of users. Apps developers are looking at quicker and easier ways to bring securer apps to market. Trustonic is working with a wide ecosystem to bring security to more mobile apps.


Larger screen mobile devices are being used for both content creation and content consumption. More content is being watched on tablets than ever before. Making premium content securely available on mobile devices a key focus for content creators. Trustonic makes transactions securer when sharing financial details and helps to secure content to the content purchaser. Trustonic technology enables authentication and authorisation to be handled in a secure way.

Mobile Computing

Productivity apps on mobile computing devices accessing internal web sites, email and confidential material have a potential impact on enterprise security. The mix of BYOD devices and types exacerbates this problem because traditional methods are no longer acceptable to many employees. Hardware-enabled security in the devices through Trustonic technology enables enterprises to actively manage the increased security requirements across a wider range of end devices.

Entertainment - TV and STB

More consumers want to have access to content where and when they want it. Enabling secure payment for content whilst providing protection of payment for content creators is key to the success of on-demand services. Trustonic technology opens up the possibility of early access to premium content in the home. Also with more DTVs including built-in cameras the user wants control over who can access the camera.

IoT Security

Connected devices in the home both empower the home owner to choose who can access these devices and when, but can expose them to threats they never knew existed. As more devices become connected more data becomes available. Trustonic technologies enable service providers to  offer more security for the data available. Improved security is key to the success of IoT installs.


Cars are now the most complex mobile device that users buy. Closer interaction between mobile devices and cars is enabling new interactive services and sharing of content across the device and car. This increased interaction also creates a potential point of security vulnerability. Trustonic technologies bring the security experience obtained in the mobile device space to automobiles.  

Home Automation

Is the biggest growth area in the IoT space. More household appliances are able to communicate and be controlled by house owners. This creates a security challenge where home owners want to securely control their house remotely whilst also controlling who has access to the data that their household appliances create. Trustonic's experience in the mobile space and enabling secure authorisation and authentication are key to enabling the potential of IoT data, whilst keeping the home owner in control.

Trustonic Markets

Trustonic works with a broad range of companies involved in delivering services through consumer electronic devices. Through bridging service providers and device makers with a common trusted technology base, Trustonic accelerates innovation by:

  • Fully utilising the enhanced security provided by modern system-on-chip processors found at the heart of electronic devices
  • Providing devices with access to a rich set of security features 
  • Making security consistently accessible via open APIs, creating a vibrant application ecosystem
  • Laying a foundation of trust for services to simplify and expand

Trustonic delivers a consistent security foundation common to most smart electronic devices which cultivates an open market for trusted services that can scale across billions devices.

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