Mobile Network

Mobile Network Operators(MNO) require to handle a large number of actions on mobile devices on a day to day basis.The main focus is to improve the user experience on that network, enable new services and to reduce the cost of running the network to increase its ROI.

Trustonic solutions offer market leading security levels on a wide range of end mobile devices. This level of widely available built in security enables MNOs to offer higher quality and quicker services such as SIM unlocking or new services such as Premium Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) to enable premium content to be streamed to a mobile device across their network.

Use Case: SIM Unlocking

MNOs are looking for simple methods for handling SIM unlocking that provides the best end user experience whilst enabling protection of subsidised phone investments. By being able to utilise the inbuilt security that Trustonic solutions gives can dramatically reduce the amount of time to unlock a SIM from weeks to seconds and the number and length of calls to customer care. Simplifying the process for both the end user and the MNO. It also complements the secure boot to improve SIM Unlock security.

Use Case: Premium Pay-As-You-Go

By using the Trustonic solutions an MNO can enable a Pay-As-You-Go scheme that allows premium content to be streamed to the end user. Whilst using the same payment structure as PAYG for voice and texts. This provides greater control of content access and enables a lock on the content if the subscriber does not have sufficient credit. This enables a much wider range of devices to access premium content without having to have a premium mobile device.

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