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As the world becomes more connected, there’s an increased need for digital device access and security

Security unlocks opportunity

Forward-thinking and fast-moving, Trustonic delivers advanced technology systems to drive innovation, protect revenue and enhance security for technology companies worldwide. We’re on a mission to connect the next billion smartphones and protect the things people care about.


Device Locking

Trustonic is the global leader in device-locking technology. Our Telecoms Platform offers sophisticated device locking capability to protect revenue and reduce risk for mobile network carriers, retailers, and financiers. The Trustonic device locking SaaS platform enables you to improve payment behavior through device financing, and deter supply chain theft.


Secure OS

Industry legislation across the world means that meeting international security standards is no longer a choice.

Installed in billions of devices globally, Trustonic’s Secure Platform gives automakers, OEMs and IoT vendors the confidence to innovate and meet industry standards. Working closely with you and your team, our mobile, automotive, and IoT security technology experts empower your business. We can develop secure solutions for any smartphone, in-vehicle system, or discrete device, whether you use Android, iOS or automotive OS.


Strong foundations

Trustonic was born in 2012 from three industry giants: ARM, Thales and G&D. The result has enabled us to create the Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Combined with our established team, real-world expertise and deep security certification, it’s the ultimate in installed device security. No one else comes close.

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