Environmental, Social and Governance

Social Responsibility

We at Trustonic are committed to embedding Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into the heart of our business to create added value for our customers and create benefits in the markets in which we operate. 

Trustonic’s solutions are core enabling technologies for the mobile, automotive and financial sectors. Trustonics’ primary social responsibility is to ensure that we enable growth and access of digital services, as well as secure our customers’ infrastructure, as well as their end customers’ data. 

Trustonic’s use cases have a social benefit: 

Enabling affordable smartphones

Our core focus is to provide mobile technology that ensures that our customers can extend credit to end customers, to encourage the take-up of smartphones, in turn creating access to the digital, global economy. Unlocking a wealth of opportunities.

Securing connected vehicles

Ensuring that any connected vehicle has the market-leading security, to provide peace of mind to automakers and vehicle drivers, that the new connected vehicles are safe and secure. 

Securing financial transactions

Enabling our banking and payment customers with new technology to unlock a new customer experience, using smartphones as payment terminals. Encouraging digital adoption and reducing costs for small businesses. 

For our teams

We encourage sustainable working practices and have an environmental plan of action to limit our impact on the environment where possible. 

If you have any questions regarding Trustonics’ Social Responsibility practices, please contact: info@trustonic.com