Enabling trust through simpler, stronger security

Trustonic is a world-class provider of cybersecurity solutions for protecting smartphones, critical mobile apps, wearables, IoT devices, healthtech and automotive systems.

Trustonic’s solutions utilise the Trusted Execution Environment (“TEE”) on devices, a ring-fenced, highly secure area of the main processor that guarantees sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted and physically isolated environment.

Trustonic’s hardware-backed security platform is embedded in over 2 billion devices and provides unique security solutions for app developers in banks, payment platforms, automotive manufacturers, government bodies and mobile network operators.

Our mission is to protect apps, secure devices & enable trust

  • To establish a common security platform embedded in smart connected devices with Trustonic Device Security
  • To enable app developers to utilize these advanced security capabilities with Trustonic Application Protection

Today more than one billion devices integrate the Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP). TSP provides devices with a hardware protected environment for applications. Trustonic is the industry’s only provider of these advanced capabilities at scale, and the only vendor whose mission is to open access to these capabilities to third-party developers.

Service providers across a broad range of verticals use Trustonic’s development tools to develop and deploy trust enhanced services.

This means that our partners are able to deliver experiences to their customers that are not only more secure, but simpler, richer and altogether more compelling.

Trustonic won a GLOMO award for the Best Mobile Device Security and Anti-Fraud Solution with the Trustonic Secured Platform at Mobile World Congress in 2016.

In 2016 Trustonic launched a major expansion of its solution line, Trustonic Application Protection (TAP). TAP empowers developers to protect apps to the highest application security available, using the Trustonic Secured Platform wherever present on a device and market-leading software protection where not. The launch of TAP fundamentally shifted Trustonic from a leader in advanced hardware protection to the most advanced application protection provider in the world.

Trustonic is an ecosystem company. We don’t build applications or services, but we do provide a platform upon which our partners can deliver innovative, trusted devices and compelling, immersive services that help us in our everyday lives.