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Build services revenues

Trustonic’s automotive cybersecurity solutions provide in-vehicle infotainment security, telematic and network gateway security allowing manufacturers to build service revenue streams with confidence.


Protecting your digital cockpit

The ability to deliver high definition and 4K streaming content services into vehicles is expected to provide a strong growth platform for the automotive industry. OEMs will need to implement advanced in-vehicle security for infotainment systems, including payments, user data and Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes to protect these high value assets.

Our Secure OS is built to manage these digital cockpit requirements offering strong authentication methods and secure storage of user profile and location data.

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Fortify your network gateways

As vehicles become more connected and reliant on digital communication, network gateway security is paramount. The potential for cyber threats increases exponentially with the integration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment and remote diagnostics.

Our technologies empower you to fortify network gateways: they safeguard sensitive data, maintain the integrity of critical systems and boost consumer trust to enable secure, connected, autonomous vehicles.

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Safeguard your driverless future

With driverless vehicles having an on-road lifetime of 10-15 years, keeping AI models and decision making logic up to date will be one of the automotive industry’s biggest challenges.

Our Secure OS can protect security-critical applications, subsystems and data and fully support over-the-air updates of code, data and crypto algorithms to support the long lifecycles and rapid advances being made in ADAS systems. Our solution is based on standard and certified technologies, making it a solid basis for certified automotive solutions

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Understanding your needs

Every OEM has a unique focus and set of requirements. To finesse implementations to your security roadmap needs, we offer a broad range of cybersecurity professional services. Achieve a competitive advantage and a foundation for revenue growth through security with Trustonic.

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Our Secure Platform offers unrivalled hardware backed protection, empowering auto manufacturers and driving innovation across the industry

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