Growth with security

We design and build secure solutions that protect data and applications for smartphones, connected devices, vehicles and applications.

We give our customers peace of mind. Our solutions enable revenue growth through new business models and new services, with the highest levels of security at their core.

Embedded cybersecurity

Working closely with our customers and partners, we enable them to deliver cybersecurity solutions on any smartphone, in-vehicle system or discrete device, whether it uses Android, iOS or automotive OS.

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

Centred around the Trusted Execution Environment, our technology is located at the deepest level of the device. The TEE runs in a secure part of the main processor, outside of the regular operating system. This guarantees the code and data essential to the operation of smartphones, vehicles and applications are protected in the most secure place possible.

Strong foundations

Trustonic was born from three industry giants, ARM, Gemalto and G&D in 2012. The Trustonic TEE, our established team, real-world expertise and depth of security certification set us apart. We enable our customers to pass their own accreditations and security tests.

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