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IoT security solutions

Trust is a fundamental need
for the broad adoption of IoT

Build trust in IoT

Trustonic has the IoT security solutions and certifications needed to secure devices and customers’ data, building trust in your brand and encouraging adoption of the IoT.


Smart home device security

Consumers are increasingly reliant on smart devices but they need to trust the security of the cloud support. Major brands offering digital assistants or licensing technology to third parties need to put in place security systems to give consumers confidence.

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Security standards for connected services

There is a need to certify and accredit all types of connected devices. While this used to be the preserve of a small number of regulated industries, brand holders are increasingly setting their own security standards. Trustonic has significant experience in achieving and helping companies secure cybersecurity certifications.

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Securing wearable devices

Growth of wearables is set to continue to grow exponentially. More wearables means more data being generated and processed. That increases the need for data security. Brands need to put wearables’ security at the heart of their product design considerations.

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Industrial IoT security

Today’s connected devices are often complex computing systems with sophisticated capabilities. Software architectures are based on common components found elsewhere in the industry. So any vulnerability has a broad impact. With enterprise IoT, this could affect enterprises regionally or even nationwide.

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Ensuring privacy

User privacy for wearable devices is a high priority. Security makes it happen. But if data is to be trusted, device integrity is equally important. Many wearables are based on technology and processes honed in the mobile phone space. Wearable device makers must meet the same high standards.

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Secure by design

Enterprise systems need to be ‘secure by design’. Our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) allows critical code and data to be separated from the less secure parts of the device. Find out how to achieve higher levels of assurance and the ability to certify solutions.

For rapid innovation, and high-level protection, our TEE relies on hardware capabilities baked into every ARM chip. Having no additional bill of materials makes for a very cost-effective solution.

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Understanding your needs

Every OEM has unique focus and requirements. So let us fine tune implementations to your specific requirements and security roadmap needs with our wide range of cybersecurity professional services. Create competitive advantage and revenue growth through smarter security, with Trustonic.

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Our Secure Platform offers top-tier hardware protection for IoT vendors,  ensuring robust security is core in all your designs.

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