Who We Are

About Us

Trust. It’s a simple word but a critical concept - especially when it comes to our connected lives... Without trust, the world is a more difficult place; when we can’t trust it’s harder to work, socialize, shop and even enjoy the entertainment we love. Bolt-on security causes friction and slows down our mobile lives, but with integral trust, we speed freely on our way to doing some pretty amazing things.  

Trustonic integrates a new level of security directly into the connected devices closest to us. By securing trust directly into the devices through which we access our connected world, Trustonic is simplifying everything from mobile shopping to entertainment to collaborating with colleagues. That foundation of trust means it’s even easier to do more of the things that make us who we are.

That’s why companies like our partners count on Trustonic to protect and unleash a wide variety of powerful, personalized services on your devices. 

Our History

In 2012, three leading pioneers of security technology founded Trustonic, bringing together the respective teams of ARM Secure Services Division, Giesecke & Devrient (G+D) and Trusted Logic Mobililty (TLM) working on Trusted Execution Environment technology.

ARM developed TrustZone as a technology concept in 2002. In 2010, ARM formed the Secure Services Division to drive enablement, standardization and certification activities surrounding TrustZone technology. Today, TrustZone is now integrated within in a high proportion of applications processor system on chips that lay at the heart of smart devices. TLM and G+D pioneered development of security software to run on TrustZone enabled system on chips and built upon decades of experience in developing highly secure tamper resistant smart card technology, commonly found in bank cards, SIM cards and government issued identity documents. TLM and G+D combine twelve years of learning and hands-on commercial experience of security software technology resulting in a rich body of knowledge surrounding Trusted Execution Environment technology and its applications.  

Executive Management Team


Ben Cade, CEO

Ben is an experienced industry executive, most recently GM & VP of ARM Ltd's Secure Services Division and before this Executive Director for Linaro, the multi party software joint venture. During his time at ARM he held a number of senior roles in business development, M&A and product marketing. 

Prior to ARM, Ben held a variety of roles in a major Japanese blue chip and European focused software companies. He holds an executive MBA from the London Business School and a Masters in Engineering from Southampton University.



Chris Jones, COO

Chris Jones is Chief Operations Officer for Trustonic and was previously VP Licensing, Processor Division for ARM, after leading the Processor Division Licensing team for 2 years. During his time at ARM Chris also held product manager roles for Processors and System IP; in doing so, he led the development and marketing of ARM PrimeCell peripheral IP product range. He moved into the commercial operation role initially covering licensing into ARM 3rd party IP, October 2001 and then as a Licensing Manager, licensing ARM process and Systems IP. Before joining ARM Chris worked for leading Semiconductor companies, Analalog Device and National Semiconductor. Chris is a graduate in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Hons) from De Montfort University.



Gilles Balsan, VP Core Engineering

Gilles Balsan is responsible for Trustonic’s Core Engineering. Gilles was previously the R&D Director of Trusted Logic Mobility, a subsidiary of Gemalto becoming part of Trustonic, overseeing the developments of the TLM Trusted Foundation TEE. Prior to this he held various roles within Gemalto, IT Program Manager coordinating M&A Infrastructure upgrades of acquired entities to Gemalto’s Standards, Telecom BU Marketing Product Manager and Gemalto Global Services Europe Delivery Center Manager. Gilles was graduate in Electrical Engineering in 1988 from the ESIGELEC Engineering School (France).



Jamie Bennett, VP Product Engineering

Jamie Bennett is Vice President of Product Engineering at Trustonic. Prior to this he had Program and Operations Manager roles at ARM, held several leading Engineering roles at Linaro and Canonical, and spent time developing software for the Games Entertainment industry. Jamie has a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science and an MSc degree in Software Engineering from Bradford and De Montfort Universities respectively.



Dr Stephan Spitz, Corporate Projects

Stephan Spitz is responsible for Corporate Projects in Trustonic. Stephan was previously the Director and Head of Strategic planning for Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, overseeing the development and execution of G&D Mobicore TEE Prior to this he held Program Management and Business Development roles after joining G&D in 2004 and other secure software, Java Card and research roles with Fraunhofer e.V., TÜV Süd GmbH and G&D.

Stephan gained his doctorate in 2002 and Degree “Diplom-Ingenieur” in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in 1998 from the Technical University Munich.



Sue Gibson, VP People

Sue is responsible for overseeing the talent and development within Trustonic on a global basis working alongside the Executive and Leadership teams.  Sue has experience in both HR and Training and Development having spent time in  the hi tech, bio sector, technical consultancies and FMCG.   She has worked in a number of start up’s in a senior role as HRD in and around Cambridge.  The People team in Trustonic cover the global operations and resources.