How Trustonic helps mobile carriers improve bad debt and delinquency by 70%

According to the latest data, 57% of the population of Africa – roughly 95 million people – do not have a traditional bank account. An average of only 55% of Latin American adults have an account at a financial institution and around 480 million adults up to the age of 65 in India – half of the overall population in the earning segment – are classed as ‘credit underserved’.

For mobile operators, the task of addressing audiences in these markets with a smartphone proposition is exceptionally difficult – driving digital divide amongst emerging market populations.

However, what if there was a way to say ‘yes’ to more customers within your region, without the risk or concern over their credit or financial status?

The Trustonic Telecoms Platform incorporates ‘nudge theory’ to positively influence customers to pay outstanding debt, while ensuring new smartphone bills are paid on time.

We achieve this by successfully delivering notifications and customised messaging via our digital platform, enabling mobile carriers to remind consumers to pay by sending messages with a more supportive than threatening tone.

For those who regularly miss payments it may be necessary to increase the number of messages sent to them or to lock their device until payment has been received. Not only does this maintain positive customer relationships, but also prevents an increase in smartphone delinquency and bad debt.

Now utilised in over 2 billion devices worldwide, the Trustonic Telecoms Platform has delivered around 70% improvements in bill payments for mobile carriers, including those operating in emerging markets. Interested in finding out more? Download our whitepaper which outlines how we use ‘nudge theory’ to help mobile carriers improve bad debt and delinquency here.

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