How a leading North American operator boosted revenue and reduced risk with our Telecoms Platform

Sennco Partners with Trustonic

The mobile industry suffers from significant fraud and revenue leakage and part of the problem involves Sold But Not Activated (SBNA) devices, or also referred to as Network Subsidy.

This form of exploitation occurs when a customer purchases a device, but fails to activate it on the appropriate network. Instead, the customer has the device unlocked so it can be used on another network and may even sell it on. Exploitation may occur on a significant scale, creating subsidy loss and shows no customer loyalty. This was the case of a large North American network operator, that approached Trustonic for help.

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At Trustonic, our mobile device locking platform helps mobile operators reduce the risk of bad debt and missed customer payments, allowing them to accept more customers. Find out how we work with mobile operators or get in touch below.

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