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Reduce risk. Increase sales

Trustonic’s Telecoms Platform significantly reduces risk in smartphone device financing, supply chain theft and subscription loss to unlock new customers and untapped revenue streams.

Reduce risk, improve profit

The Telecoms Platform SaaS solution helps you say ‘yes’ to more customers and improves smartphone payment behavior, deters supply chain theft and prevents lost revenue from SIM swapping.


Encourage better payment behavior

Whatever conditions you want to set for your customers, the Trustonic rules engine will take care of the rest. Our technology uses a combination of messaging, notifications, temporary or full removal of services,  empowering mobile phone financiers to foster better payment behavior and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Improve business decisions

By using quantitative and qualitative data to analyse results, we help our customer evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies. Analytical reports provide estimates and trends for improved decision-making and business innovation. Our customers can utilize the operational reports to minimize costs, optimize business performance, and improve the organization’s daily operations.


Integrate existing systems to automate workflows

Integrate your loan management and customer billing systems seamlessly to automatically generate the necessary notifications and enforce restrictions. Our technology ensures security, optimizes operations, and empowers forward-thinking, fast-moving mobile phone carriers, retailers and financiers.

How it works

Watch the video to see how your Smartphone device financing business can be revolutionized with Trustonic.


Complete device control in a single platform

Discover the world’s most advanced mobile device control platform and revloutionize your smartphone business.


Device management

Manage, control and lock your mobile devices, wherever they are. From factory to store and from customer purchase to end-of-life, you can rely on Trustonic to protect your collateral and prevent revenue leakage.


Rules engine

From pre-paid and postpaid contract device financing to subsidised handsets, Trustonic allows you to set a range of flexible policies to trigger late payment warnings and device locking actions.


Customer messaging

Mobile device control is about positively influencing payment behaviour, not just locking a device if payment is late.  With Trustonic, you can encourage prompt payment by sending customers a smart sequence of reminders and warnings.


Locking mechanisms

The platform provides muliple ways to implement a locking solution.  You can use Google’s Device Lock Controller (DLC), the powerful Device Policy Controller (DPC) solution from Trustonic, or any of the 1st party solutions from Android OEMs.


Remote deployment

Register devices using their IMEI or serial number using single or batch upload, manually or using the API.  Protection begins the second the device is turned on and connected anywhere in the world.


Workflow automation

By integrating your loan management and billing systems with the Trustonic platform, all customers messaging and device locking actions can be fully automated based on the places you define.



The Telecoms Platform runs on a flexible cloud-based platform with the advanced cyber-security built in.  This SaaS model allows you to scale effortlessly as you grow your smartphone sales.


API integration

Trustonic’s comprehensive set of API’s allows you to integrate your systems with ease.  And with a single backend system to integrate, launching your new smartphone offers couldn’t be faster or more cost effective.


Analytics dashboard

With Trustonic, you can gain visibility into your customers’ payment patterns and analyze quantitive and qualitative operational data needed to uncover actionable insights to drive strategic decision making.

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