Service Providers & App Developers

The Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) solution enables service providers and app developers to build services and solutions on mobile connected devices, with the highest level of security protection currently available anywhere.

THP delivers a combination of software- and hardware-based security, delivering optimal security for apps and associated sensitive data. THP makes use of ARM TrustZone technology to deliver a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) which is available on over 700 million handsets today; if the handset in use does not support the Trustonic TEE, then best of breed, software-based security technology will be used, delivering white-box and anti-tamper functionality.

Trustonic Hybrid Protection is available across Android and IOS platforms currently (others are planned). Via a simple API integration, a combination of hardware- and software-based security can greatly enhance the features, usability and integrity of any deployed services and solutions.

Security forms an important foundation across multiple market verticals and. through simplified execution of enhanced security, devices with THP make the impossible, possible and the complex, simple.

With THP, service providers and app developers can build services and solutions with enhanced levels of security that open up new use cases and greatly simplify the user experience for consumers. With a single API integration, application developers can offer optimal security for every device. Where Trustonic Secured Protection is available (currently supported in more than 700 million smart,connected devices), superior and market-leading hardware TEE based security is enabled. For devices where TSP is not available, market-leading, software-based white box cryptography and code protection is available.

Apps are deployed through the app stores in a business-as-usual manner and the THP API code automatically provisions the optimal level of security for each device.

Example benefits of Trustonic Hybrid Protection for applications and services:

  • Data processing (OTP transactions, cryptogram generation, user/device authentication)
  • Secure storage of cryptographic assets (keys, certificates)
  • Secure storage of user data (profile transactions history, cardholder information)
  • Simplified, secure user interactions (e.g, PIN entry)
  • Secure display of sensitive data through the Trusted User Interface (e.g, transaction information, balance display, One Time Password (OTP) generation)
  • Trusted User Interface for secure data entry.
  • Additional financial security where required for secure elements and HCE-based transactions
  • Video conferencing – logical and physical access control
  • Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment, mPOS
  • Secure wallet

Example of benefits to end users:

  • Additional features made possible through increased security, (e.g, a Trusted User Interface) drives improved brand loyalty and stronger brand affinity
  • Increased perception of security drives increased usage
  • Simplified user experience (e.g, one-time password)

Developing and deploying applications to leverage the capabilities of Trustonic Hybrid Protection is simple and straightforward. To access the development environment, get trained and to simply get started, visit our Developer Programme



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