Automotive Cybersecurity Solutions

Modern vehicles rely on ever more computing systems, both connected and internal. These critical systems manage all areas of the vehicle, including the engine, safety systems, navigation and infotainment. In the near future, these systems will also manage driver-less cars for the mass market and, over time, will even become smarter by communicating with their environment.

All these diverse systems require a high degree of trust and reliability. In addition, they must be built on a secure foundation that can stand the test of time, for many years and possibly decades.  The security platforms must be both hardware-backed and upgradeable to enable them to be safe today, but also able to overcome the hacks of tomorrow.

109.9 million connected cars expected by 2021

Trustonic delivers a secure platform, built in at the silicon level, which provides device makers, chipset vendors and application developers with the ability to secure systems and the apps running on them. It can be integrated with any automotive secure operating system, such as Android, Linux or QNX. The Trustonic platform utilises a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE*) built into the processor and delivers this secure capability without the need for additional hardware. The additional platform bill of materials cost to a platform is zero.

When the Trustonic Secure Platform is embedded into a device, a unique Root of Trust is also created in the device. This is a secure identity, tied to that particular device and can be used both to prove that the device is genuine and to enable the device to prove its identity to other systems.

The Trustonic platform enables a secure app ecosystem, ensuring that all apps are from a trusted source, but also guaranteeing that they are isolated from each other. In addition, the TEE architecture also isolates the trusted apps from threats from apps running in the normal operating system. This capability is delivered at the silicon level, thus ensuring that, regardless of whether the app was developed by the OEM itself or by a third party, they are each guaranteed isolation.

Trustonic is already working with leading car manufacturers, a head-unit maker and chipset vendors to deliver future-proofed and innovative services.

* What is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

The TEE is a secure area of the main processor in a smart phone (or any connected device) which ensures that sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in an isolated, trusted environment without an extra Bill of Material (BOM) cost. The TEE’s ability to offer isolated safe execution of authorised security software, known as ‘trusted applications’, provides end-to-end security.  It achieves this by enforcing protection, confidentiality, integrity and data access rights by providing the means for strong user and device authentication. In particular, the TEE offers a level of protection against software attacks running in the Rich OS environment. It houses business-specific sensitive applications which need to be isolated from the Rich OS.

Digital Virtual Keys

Trustonic’s mobile platform can help deliver phone-based digital virtual keys. The keys can be securely stored in the handset, using the Trustonic Application Protection solution, and the Trusted User Interface protects user authentication. Digital virtual keys provide enhanced user convenience, reduce cost and enable additional use-cases, such as remote key lending or car club schemes. Click here to download a case study explaining how TAP enables Volkswagen to securely share secure digital virtual keys.

Secure IVI

The Trustonic Secure Platform is embedded into infotainment systems. It delivers hardware backed platform security to enable secure updates of applications, stopping the chance of rogue updates. Its embedded Root of Trust enables services to be assured that their applications are destined for the correct device.