Device Security

Consumer Electronic devices are built with many hardware and software components. The individual hardware components include System-on-Chips that integrate advanced processors and peripherals on a single Integrated Circuit. Built into these System-on-Chips are many design components from different Intellectual Property suppliers. Trustonic works with all categories of suppliers in the device manufacturing value chain to ensure that a solid foundation of trust is built into our devices from the beginning.

IP Provider

Trustonic partners with IP providers to the silicon chip industry to ensure that our Trusted Execution Environment has built-in compatibility with underlying hardware and security mechanisms.

Trustonic is a member of the ARM TrustZone Ready Program, and contributes toward driving market adoption of security enabled hardware to fulfill the needs of service providers that demand security.


Chip Maker

The system-on-chip industry is broad and addresses the many market verticals of consumer electronics. Integrated circuits produced by these global chip makers power most smart devices such as phones, tablets, in-car and home entertainment systems. The heart of a system-on-chip is it processor, the core hardware that executes software programs.

Most system-on-chips today integrate an ARM processor; many of these have built-in TrustZone capability which provides a separate isolated space in which security sensitive programs and data can run. 

Trustonic works with chip makers to integrate its Trusted Execution Environment to ensure that the built-in security features can be fully utilised by service providers demanding protection of their assets in consumer electronic devices.


Device Maker

Device makers bring together the diverse range of hardware components of smart devices and bring them to life with software.

Trustonic works with device makers to ensure a strong foundation of trust is built in to our Trusted Execution Environment, which assures service providers to place their trust in consumer electronic devices.

Trustonic reduces the complexity of security freeing device makers to focus on creating simplied and expanded user experiences while attracting new and high value services from a broad ecosystem of providers.