Mobile operators are seeking to grow revenues through attracting new customers using digital services, without incurring commercial risks. Smartphone affordability and access to credit is a global challenge.  Managing non-payment of bills and credit risk risks costs the industry $14bn per year.  In addition, c.$3.5bn is lost through supply chain theft each year.  (source:RAG).

Device financing – increasing affordability

On average, Trustonic will help you reduce your delinquency and bad debt by 70%, allowing you to say yes to 100% more customers. Our telecom revenue assurance solution ensures more of your device financing customers pay on time and gives you the tools to manage those that don’t. With our solution, you can increase smartphone affordability and grow your revenues. 

Our Telecoms Platform has flexibility, security and customer experience at its core, reducing the risks of bad debt and missed customers payments.

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Improve revenue assurance for subsidised devices

In many markets around the world, SIM cards and subsidised devices are sold as a single proposition. The challenge for mobile operators is to make sure that only their SIM is used in a subsidised smartphone for the duration of the subsidy. Our mobile operator customers tell us that as many as 5% of subsidised devices are used with alternative SIM cards, putting unnecessary pressure on their margins. As dual SIM phones are more popular protecting subsidy investment has become critical.

Our SIM control service, integrated into our mobile device lifecycle management platform, provides a comprehensive management portal to enable control of devices, enabling you to act quickly and decisively to protect your investment.

In the event of a customer using a different SIM card in the subsidised device, you are able to lock the device, restrict incoming and outgoing calls, restrict SMS, MMS and RCS messages, as well as restrict SIM data use. These capabilities can be controlled using your MCC/MNC/IMSI. 

We can help you protect your investment while providing peace of mind as you grow your customer base. 

Supply chain device theft could become a thing of the past

Supply chain theft is a multi-billion dollar global industry issue. Trustonic is the first choice for mobile operators who want to protect their smartphones from when they leave the factory right through to when they are recycled. Wherever a smartphone is stolen in the world (including countries that do not use IMEI blacklisting), our platform is able to fully lock down the smartphone, making it unusable and therefore removing its resale value.

When the stolen smartphone is switched on, a screen appears, showing that it has been locked and that the smartphone is unable to be used. Our technology is designed to both discourage and de-incentivise smartphone theft and fraud by removing the potential resale value. This approach is proven to safeguard margins and profits.

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Supply chain theft is a global issue; $900m cost per year in US alone

Source: GSMA

Protect smartphone subsidies with SIM lock

Some mobile operators invest millions in smartphone subsidies. This reduces the upfront cost of the smartphone to the customer, with the expectation that this investment will pay off over time.

Network subsidies are prone to fraudulent behaviours and, until now, mobile operators have not been able to protect against misuse. With Trustonic’s cloud-cased solution, mobile operators can protect these subsidies against telecom fraud with a mobile operator SIM lock, maximising their financial return and revenue assurance.

Trustonic secured smartphones can be locked to your network, ensuring the customer remains on the yournetwork until the you have re-couped your subsidy investment.  Customers can request the network lock to be lifted via an application, or the lock can be lifted automatically after a specific period.

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Protecting network subsidies through SIM lock

Improving fraud management

Fraud is a fact of life for many mobile operators. As margins continue to be squeezed, operators are increasingly focused on solving the issue, to improve margins and release cash for re-investment. It is estimated that 2.9% of operator revenues are lost to fraud (source: GSMA). Fraudulent activity can be found in a number of areas: throughout the supply chain, identity fraud and where an individual has no intention to pay – even though they have signed a contract.


The Trustonic Telecoms Platform’s comprehensive management portal enables you to communicate directly with smartphones, helping you to act quickly and decisively when you identify fraudulent activity.

In the event of suspected or proven fraudulent activity, warning messages are displayed on the device screen.  Devices can be locked remotely, either individually in response to a one-off event, or in bulk, such as a response to a pallet of devices being stolen. Once locked, devices will be unusable anywhere in the world.

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2.9% revenues lost to fraud


Professional services

We offer a range of cybersecurity professional services for our customers. These range from creating the design and business case, right through to the implementation planning. We can tailor our approach according to your needs.

We understand the importance of mobile security and protection, leveraging deep industry expertise to offer a full range of professional services that will help you design, develop, and deploy solutions for smartphones.

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