Mobile operators globally are seeking new ways to grow revenue without increasing risk. Up to 70% of new customers are not able to access smartphone financing credit, 10–15% of customers don’t pay their bills and millions of dollars are lost due to supply chain theft each year.

Device financing – reducing risk profiles

As smartphones become increasingly expensive, financing plans are common. Mobile operators want to attract and retain new subscribers. However, up to 70% of customer applications for postpay contracts are rejected because their credit risk is deemed to be too high. Trustonic’s Telecoms Platform helps mobile operators reduce the risk of bad debt and missed customer payments, allowing them to accept more customers.

Unlike conventional tools and processes, Trustonic’s platform delivers control and flexibility, on a per-smartphone basis. This means that mobile operators can communicate with customers to remind them to pay their bills as well as remotely lock their customer’s smartphone, or reduce its functionality. This could be switching on or off WiFi, applications, bluetooth or even voice calls.

This approach is proven to gently ‘nudge’ postpay customers into paying outstanding bills – delinquency rates are estimated at 15% globally and can be up to 40% in some markets. With this level of non-bill payment, our solution can lift revenue significantly and aid customer retention. With Trustonic, mobile operators can curate their own policies at any time, lowering their overall customer risk profile and accepting and retaining more customers.

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Credit rejection rate for postpay contracts up to 70%

Supply chain device theft could become a thing of the past

Supply chain theft is a multi-billion dollar global industry issue. Trustonic is the first choice for mobile operators who want to protect their smartphones from when they leave the factory right through to when they are recycled. Wherever a smartphone is stolen in the world (including countries that do not use IMEI blacklisting), our platform is able to fully lock down the smartphone, making it unusable and therefore removing its resale value.

When the stolen smartphone is switched on, a screen appears, showing that it has been locked and that the smartphone is unable to be used. Our technology is designed to both discourage and de-incentivise smartphone theft by removing the potential resale value. This approach is proven to safeguard margins and profits.

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Supply chain theft is a global issue; $900m cost per year in US alone

Source: GSMA

Mobile insurers see returns

Mobile insurance fraud costs the industry millions of dollars per year. With Trustonic’s ability to remotely secure smartphones, replacement smartphones can be sent to a customer, even before the broken one is returned. Similarly, smartphones reported stolen can immediately be put beyond use remotely, rendering them unusable with no resale value.

Due to the flexibility and control that the Trustonic platform provides, the operator or insurer is able to define the customer experience. For example, the broken smartphone can be remotely locked, once the replacement smartphone has been delivered. This improves the customer experience, at the same time as protecting the insurer’s asset.

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Protecting margins and improving customer experience

Protect smartphone subsidies with SIM lock

Some mobile operators invest millions in smartphone subsidies. This reduces the upfront cost of the smartphone to the customer, with the expectation that this investment will pay off over time.

Network subsidies are prone to fraudulent behaviours and, until now, mobile operators have not been able to protect against misuse. With Trustonic’s hardware-backed solution, mobile operators can protect these subsidies with a mobile operator SIM lock, maximising their financial return.

Trustonic secured smartphones can be locked to the mobile operator’s network, ensuring the customer remains on the network until the mobile operator can re-coup its subsidy investment. The customer can request the network lock to be lifted via an application, or the lock can be lifted automatically after a specific period.

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Protecting network subsidies through SIM lock

Professional services

We offer a range of professional service options for our customers. These range from creating the design and business case, right through to the implementation planning. We can tailor our approach according to your needs.

We understand the importance of security, leveraging deep industry expertise to offer a full range of professional services that will help you design, develop, and deploy solutions for smartphones.

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