Mobile Device Financing

Say ‘yes’ to more customers with Telecoms Platform

Carriers, retailers and financiers use our our mobile device lifecycle management platform to address three significant industry concerns:​

  • Reducing delinquency and bad debt
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Growing market share

In a typical deployment, this will reduce your delinquency and bad debt by 70%. Also allowing you to reassign up to 50% of call centre collection staff to revenue-generating activities. In addition, by giving you the confidence that more customers will pay on time, you can lower your credit thresholds and say yes to twice as many customers.​

The cost of growing market share has risen significantly in recent years. Consumers want higher specification smartphones with bigger screens, newer cameras, 4G and 5G delivering access to richer media and services. Mid to high-end devices loaded with the latest features tend to come with a hefty price tag, limiting the number of people who can afford them outright.

In many emerging markets, smartphones are often the only way to access digital services such as education, health advice, and commerce. However, these devices can be cost-prohibitive for many customers, particularly those with no or limited credit history. ​

With ever-increasing market saturation, any carrier or retailer that can address this affordability gap can take a significant leap in market share over their competition.

Find out how the Telecoms Platform helped a LATAM operator say ‘yes’ to twice as many customers.

How device financing works

Unlike conventional tools and processes, Trustonic’s mobile device lifecycle management solution delivers control and flexibility on a per-smartphone basis. Our platform lets you remind your customers to pay their bills and remotely lock their smartphones if they do not to increase mobile revenue assurance.

Whether you are a carrier, retailer or financier, you can control your customer’s payment experience. With a fully branded, easy-to-customise device financing cloud solution, you can manage the smartphone lifecycle of financed devices, regardless of country, region, or device type.

Getting a higher return on your investment in new markets

Our approach is proven to ‘nudge’ consumers into paying outstanding bills, and the results speak for themselves – with around 70% improvement in bill payments. You can change the communication with your customers giving you the ultimate flexibility you need. 

It’s time to rewrite the rule book on credit. Offer new smartphones and services, increase your customer base without increasing commercial risk, and open up a world of connectivity to new and existing customers with Mobile Device Financing from Trustonic.