KoolSpan selects Trustonic to protect TrustCall application code integrity

Trustonic partners with leading secure mobile communications solution provider to enhance security by hardening the source code on end-user devices.

Cambridge, UK and Bethesda, MD – Trustonic today announces that KoolSpan, the leading provider of secure mobile communications including phone calls and text messages, has selected the Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) solution to help protect its widely successful TrustCall application. KoolSpan solutions are used by government organizations and enterprises globally in over 60 countries to safeguard sensitive information, including intellectual property and proprietary assets.

Trustonic’s TAP solution offers the best possible security for every device. More than 1 billion devices are already equipped with the Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)* to deliver hardware-level security, while devices without a TEE can leverage sophisticated, white box cryptography and code protection techniques. The TAP-protected versions of TrustCall will be available to end users in the coming months. KoolSpan will expand TAP protection to new services, benefiting enterprise, government, and consumers who require the highest level of secured communications for mobile and IoT applications. Leveraging TAP, KoolSpan will protect apps and services across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS and Google Android.

KoolSpan’s CTO and security teams undertook an in-depth security evaluation and found Trustonic’s TAP product to be the most secure, robust and reliable solution in today’s market. Uniquely, Trustonic can deliver combined hardware- and software-based security through a single development tool and GlobalPlatform-compliant API. This was a key determining factor behind KoolSpan’s decision. KoolSpan Chief Technology Officer, Bill Supernor, explained “It was key for us to be able to use a single set of tools and APIs that cover security across all platforms, with minimal new integration effort. With TAP, KoolSpan customers will automatically benefit from the highest level of security available for their device. We leveraged Trustonic’s TEE hardware-based protection previously and are glad that TAP now also brings market leading software-based security for any non-TEE enabled devices.”

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Cade, CEO at Trustonic, concluded: “Trustonic is delighted to have KoolSpan as a partner. At a time when security has never been more imperative, KoolSpan is leading the way with a high quality secure mobile communications solution leveraged across enterprises and government organizations, enabling executives to communicate securely.”

* Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

The TEE is a secure area of the main processor in a smart phone (or any connected device) that ensures sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in an isolated, trusted environment without an extra Bill of Material (BOM) cost. The TEE’s ability to offer isolated safe execution of authorised security software, known as ‘trusted applications’, provides end-to-end security by enforcing protection, confidentiality, integrity and data access rights and by providing means for strong user and device authentication. In particular, the TEE offers a level of protection against software attacks running in the Rich OS environment. It houses business-specific sensitive applications, which need to be isolated from the Rich OS.

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