Trustonic simplifies security for mobile and IoT app developers

One hybrid software and hardware mobile app security solution to address the diverse security needs of IoT and mobile

CAMBRIDGE, UK – 9 February 2016:  Trustonic, the leading provider of hardware-enabled security for smart devices announces Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP). App developers can now more easily utilize the most advanced security capabilities available on a given device. THP makes it easier for developers to design in security from the start, and to deploy these enhanced services across the widest range of mobile and IoT devices.

Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) is an adaptable application security solution bringing together the best of software and hardware secured solutions into one hybrid product. Trustonic combines its advanced hardware enabled security solutions found in over 500M devices, with software protection technologies licensed from whiteCryption. As a result developers can easily apply this security to their services, bringing simpler, faster and richer user experiences for consumers.

“Trustonic has been a key driver in the evolution of security in the mobile market and more recently the emerging IoT space,” said Ben Cade, CEO, Trustonic. “ Trustonic Hybrid Protection makes it simpler for apps developers to improve app security whilst being able to scale across a wide range of mobile and IoT devices.”

“This is a very positive step forwards in delivering secure apps, that scale and take advantage of hardware security when available”, said David Birch, Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion.

It is not only Service Providers that are concerned about the security around the data on smartphones and tablets. Consumers are also increasingly focused on the security of their personal data. This will continue to increase as the range of apps using personal data to deliver compelling experiences diversifies, not only in mobile but also in devices linked to the home and car. Built-in device security is vital to giving consumers the ability to control who sees their data when.

The Trustonic Hybrid Protection defaults to use Trustonic TEE Hardware Protection whenever the hardware is available, bringing the service provider the highest level of security the device can provide.  This not only provides higher security functionality but also offers the best performance for the user experience. Such as strong and easy PIN entry or fingerprint matching for user authentication. When the Trustonic TEE is not available, THP will revert seamlessly to provide best-in-class software enabled security protection. No changes in the application are needed.

While hardware protection will always deliver superior protection, the reality is that not every device includes such capabilities. Trustonic selected software protection and cryptographic technology from whiteCryption based on their proven track record delivering software security solutions to end markets including medical, automotive and mobile. THP unifies the best of all technologies under one API to simplify code development into a single source.

“whiteCryption working with Trustonic brings improved security features to an even wider range of mobile devices whilst also enabling improved security for IoT products,” said Thorsten Held, Managing Director from whiteCryption. “The combination of technologies accessible through one API simplifies the process for apps developers to offer a range of security levels for their apps across a wide range of end devices.”

Another key aspect of THP is the simplicity of deploying these “trust enhanced” apps. THP utilizes state of the art asymmetric-based cryptography combined with installation and authorization protocols familiar to any mainstream app developer. As a result service providers have both control over where their services are deployed and visibility as to the security capabilities protecting those services across their install base.

About Trustonic

Trustonic hardware-level security is embedded in over 500 million smart devices we use to access the connected world, securing valued services and apps.  For the user, this technology simplifies their experience in everything from online shopping, premium content and mobile banking to enterprise mobility and access to government services. Our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology enables applications to access built-in advanced security features, isolating cryptographic keys, processing PINs and fingerprints away from threats, in a securely managed space on the user’s device. Trustonic in the device enables users to have a more seamless secure digital life. Secured. Simple. Scalable.


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