Trustonic and VicOne unveil cutting-edge IDPS Trusted Application delivering advanced automotive security

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Pioneering cyber security technology business, Trustonic and leading provider of software and security solutions for the automotive sector, VicOne, have launched a cutting-edge IDS Trusted Application to enhance automotive security.

Unveiled at the 21st annual ESCAR Europe, the new IDS Trusted Application successfully integrates VicOne’s award-winning xCarbon, an IDPS [intrusion detection and prevention system] for electronic control units [ECUs], together with Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment [TEE] to ensure robust protection for software-defined vehicles [SDVs] at all times. 

Having obtained the World’s first comprehensive EAL5+ certification for its Trusted Execution Environment [TEE] technology ‘Kinibi’, Trustonic’s secure platform is now deployed to over 2 billion smart devices and 20 million vehicles globally, with zero safety violations.

Similarly, the VicOne xCarbon™ with virtual patches and selected expert rules boasts a proven track record in helping to protect vehicles against threats from trusted credentials or exploits.

By integrating the technologies, VicOne’s xCarbon successfully monitors anomalies in ECUs, deploying virtual patches, rules, or policies to intercept potential exploits, where the Trustonic TEE provides tamper-protected storage for xCarbon’s IDPS config files, therefore assuring enhanced security for the vehicles of today and tomorrow. 

Andrew Till, General Manager of Secure Platform for Trustonic, commented: “As the automotive industry develops there is a clear need for every more sophisticated cyber security solutions that keep vehicles and their users protected.  Working with VicOne to develop this solution demonstrates the power of the security ecosystem to deliver leading edge solutions for Tier 1s and OEMs.”

Edward Tsai, Vice President of Strategic Partnership, VicOne added: “We recognize that the path towards automotive security includes partnership and integration with other technologies , thus our alliance with Trustonic further strengthens our goal to implement robust capabilities crucial in proactively combating emerging and advanced risks in the connected vehicles  “

Headquartered in the UK, Trustonic embeds world-leading trusted cybersecurity technology into smart devices and connected vehicles, enabling OEMs to build on robust foundations to secure revenue and power innovation. 

Established in 2022, VicOne delivers a broad portfolio of cybersecurity software and services for the automotive industry, designed to secure, and scale with the specialized demands of the modern vehicle.

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