Trustonic and Zlingsmart form new collaborations to help OEMs optimise solutions of domain fusion and increase security

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Innovative cybersecurity technology business, Trustonic, has formed a new collaboration with Zlingsmart, a leading provider of hypervisor solutions to Chinese automotive industry, to help OEMs optimise vehicle domain fusion solutions and increase security.


Headquartered in the UK, Trustonic embeds world-leading trusted cybersecurity technology into smart devices and connected vehicles, enabling OEMs build on robust foundations to secure revenue and power innovation. 


Headquartered in China, Zlingsmart is a vehicle operating system provider, which focuses on the research and development of automotive embedded virtualization, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit operating systems, helping OEMs quickly establish basic software platforms for intelligent vehicles and maximize cost performance of system.


In forming this new collaboration, Trustonic and Zlingsmart have developed a pre-integrated solution that enables OEMs to leverage the combined power of embedded virtualization operating system [Hypervisor] and Trusted Execution Environments [TEEs] for a high level of isolation and protection between vehicle operating systems.


This comes as secure virtualised environments quickly become a core requirement for OEMs and Tier 1s as they meet robust security regulations.  In a single chipset, this new solution can now support multiple heterogeneous platforms and operating systems with different levels of security.  The pre-integration solution is available to OEMs now; the first vehicles supporting this solution will SOP in 2024.


Andrew Till, General Manager of Secure Platform, Trustonic, commented: “With the accelerated growth of Software Defined Vehicles and evolving security regulations, like R155 and R156, it is now more important than ever that OEMs can implement robust security measures while maintaining high performance for new vehicles.

Trustonic安全平台总经理Andrew Till评论道:“随着软件定义汽车的加速增长和R155和R156等安全法规的不断发展,OEM在保持新车高性能的同时实施强有力的安全措施比以往任何时候都更加重要。

This pre-integrated solution in collaboration with Zlingsmart, already enables OEMs to easily adhere to evolving automotive security regulations, while providing them with the freedom and flexibility to implement operating systems of choice.”


Yuan Cai, CEO of Zlingsmart, added: “Operating system is the core foundation of software technology, and also the key to control functional safety of software. The basic software platform with the operating system as the core undertakes three major functions: efficiently managing hardware and software resources of computer system, providing common basic services for application software, and creating a high functional safety base for OEMs and users.”


Having obtained the World’s first comprehensive EAL5+ certification for its Trusted Execution Environment [TEE] technology ‘Kinibi’ in May 2022, Trustonic’s secure platform is now deployed to over 2 billion smart devices and 20 million vehicles globally, with zero safety violations.

Trustonic的安全平台于2022年5月凭借其可信执行环境[TEE]技术“Kinibi”获得了世界上第一个全面认证的CC EAL5+认证,目前已部署到全球20多亿台智能设备和2000+万辆汽车上,零安全违规。

With Hypervisor technology, Zlingsmart supports OEMs to integrate plenty of functions such as T-BOX, traditional CAN gateway, Ethernet AVB, and V2X, taking into account security, cost, performance and flexibility.


Zlingsmart’s RAITE Hypervisor has obtained ISO 26262 ASIL-D functional safety development process and product certification issued by TUV, and it is also a three-in-one functional safety product certification including IEC 61508 SIL-3 and EN 50128 SIL-4. In addition, it has passed cybersecurity penetration testing conducted by international professional organization, and obtained CMMI level 3 certification and ISO 9001 quality certification.

中瓴智行的RAITE Hypervisor获得了TUV颁发的ISO26262 ASIL-D级功能安全流程和产品认证,其同时为包含了IEC61508 SIL-3及EN50128 SIL-4的三合一功能安全产品认证,除此之外,通过了国际专业机构的信息安全渗透测试、CMMI三级认证、ISO9001质量认证。

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