Trustonic announces collaboration with ChinaDRM Lab in China

Trustonic provides security expertise to ChinaDRM national standards body as well as a ChinaDRM solution to partners

Trustonic is pleased to announce that it is joining the ChinaDRM ecosystem to bring its expertise in providing hardware-based protection for mobile devices to the Chinese market.  In a market where there was a lack of nationwide digital rights management (DRM) standards, Trustonic is helping to make ChinaDRM solutions more secure and widely available.

The absence of a national DRM standard in China has meant that the choice facing content providers and distributors is either to have no effective DRM or to face very high costs in implementing a proprietary DRM solution.  By joining the China DRM initiative, Trustonic is not only collaborating with ChinaDRM labs to help to develop a nationally-recognised standard, but is also announcing an innovative China DRM security solution, supporting Secure Video Path (SVP), based on Trustonic’s certified Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) platform).  The first implementation will be on Mediatek’s mobile chipsets and will then be quickly extended to other Trustonic partners’ platforms.

Commenting on the partnership, Michael Lu, VP of Sales, China at Trustonic said “Protection of intellectual property rights is critical for the sustainability and continued growth of the creative industries in China and we are very pleased to be a leader in this ecosystem. The ChinaDRM standard now provides the focal point both for content rights holders to specify when licensing and for the distribution chain to support. Trustonic will be working hard to promote and propagate the ChinaDRM standard, whilst also providing a solution to all ecosystem partners in China, including content platforms and device manufacturers. Through pre-integration with Mediatek, all Mediatek licensees can now enable support of ChinaDRM with Secure Video Path capability through a simple configuration in its Board Support Package (BSP).”

Guo Peiyu, the Director at ChinaDRM Lab added: “ChinaDRM Lab is delighted to see an additional partner participating in the ChinaDRM ecosystem. Trustonic brings significant security expertise to our ecosystem and I am sure that they will contribute significantly to the efforts in making ChinaDRM solutions more secure and widely available.

Michael Lu concluded “This is just the start of our collaboration with ChinaDRM.  We already have a roadmap of developments planned out.  This includes:

  • Implementation of a software profile ChinaDRM solution (for both non-TEE Android platforms and iOS devices) using the Trustonic Application Protection SDK
  • Assisting with the security certification of TEE implementations of ChinaDRM;
  • Integration with forensic watermarking, for additional security.”
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