Trustonic Introduces a Step-Change in Simplicity and Integration of Trust into Connected Devices

Launches t-base-300 enabling trusted user interface for secure PIN entry, downloadable content protection models and aligning with GlobalPlatform standards

LONDON, UK – 30 October 2013 – Trustonic, the leading provider of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for smart connected devices, today launched its ‹t™-base-300 technology, offering the capability to radically simplify mobile user experience, leverage a variety of content protection models for any content on any device, and integrate higher levels of trust for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) applications, and Mobile Financial Services.

The <t-base-300 builds on the success of the <t-base-200 and <t-base-100 products that are already integrated in over 100 million industry-leading smartphones, to provide best-in-class hardware-based security and secure services provision.  Aligning with GlobalPlatform technology standards, <t-base-300 embraces an open ecosystem with industry-backed standards, and is available to all partners that have previously integrated versions of ‹t-base into System-on-Chips (SoCs) from Trustonic silicon partners such as AMD, Broadcom, Samsung LSI, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas instruments.  With an advanced porting kit included at launch, device makers can expect SoCs with <t-base-300 to be available from suppliers by mid-December 2013, and users can expect the next wave of trusted connected devices to launch in H1 2014.

“Having the world’s most prominent chip suppliers for smart connected devices as customers within our first 12 months, and our <t-base technology already shipping in 100 million devices is a significant milestone – for Trustonic and the entire smart connected ecosystem,” said Trustonic CEO, Ben Cade.  “Security should be simple and effective in whatever context.  The <t-base-300 makes it very simple for device manufacturers and app developers to integrate a greater level of trust in smart connected devices.  For service providers, <t-base-300 enables the best-fit content protection and monetisation models.  Users benefit from a simpler, quicker and safer device user experience that will enhance their digital lives”

Key features of Trustonic <t-base-300 include:

  • Trusted User Interface – which protects the sensitive data a user enters on their device, such as a PIN or a password. <t-base-300 provides a common interface for developers to perform PIN-protected transactions securely from their applications
  • ‹t-play for secure media playback – which enables multiple content protection agents to be downloaded on a device and allows content owners to choose how best to protect and monetise their content on any device and any screen
  • GlobalPlatform API Support – for open industry-backed standards
  • Advanced SoC-technology support – <t-base-300 supports the latest generation of multi-processors for smart connected devices, including those using ARM® big.LITTLE™ technology
  • Advanced Porting Kit – eases integration with SoC-specific hardware features

<t-base-300 is also backward compatible with its predecessor. Applications developed for <t-base-200 will run the same on <t-base-300.

The <t-base-300 provides a trusted foundation for smart connected devices:  A hardware-backed security environment that ensures sensitive data is stored, processed and protected.  It features a built-in remote provisioning capability for the Trustonic ecosystem, allowing the remote deployment of trusted applications into <t-base enabled devices.  The <t-base-300 allows secure access to information and data on the smart device, isolated from the rich mobile OS.  Users can now transact with trust on their smart device – be it at work, mobile banking and payment, or entertainment and content services.

Trustonic is the world’s first provider of TEE technology to pass a compliance test defined by GlobalPlatform, the not-for-profit industry association focused on managing applications on secure chip technology. This makes Trustonic the first company to successfully release a TEE product with the functional requirements to execute applications in a TEE, as outlined by GlobalPlatform. <t-base technology has also successfully passed rigorous independent security evaluations.

Supporting Quotes

MediaTek: “Following the earlier announcement in the year, <t-base-300 is firmly on MediaTek’s roadmap”, said Mohit Bhushan, General Manager of US Corporate Marketing, MediaTek. “We are integrating <t-base-300 trusted solution in MT6582 platform for commercial availability in Dec 2013.”

Inside Secure: “‹t-play APIs enable us to offer new downloadable content protection propositions to the market”, said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, Executive Vice President, Mobile Security Division, Inside Secure. “Increased flexibility in deployment options will open up choice for users in how they access and enjoy premium content.”

Proxama: “The common Trusted UI feature of <t-base-300 is a welcome step toward securing omni-channel payments of any value”, said Neil Garner, CEO of Proxama. “Our wallet applications make use of this feature when present in devices and enable a simple yet secure user experience.”

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