Trustonic Launches ‹t-dev Developer Program, Establishes Trusted Services Ecosystem with Tier-1 Service Partners

More than 20 industry-leading developer partners already developing and preparing to deploy Trusted Applications running on devices with ‹t-base Trusted Execution Environment

LONDON, UK – 04 September 2013 – Trustonic, the leading provider of Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for smart connected devices, today announced the launch of the ‹t™-dev Partner Program, to facilitate and mobilize a community of Trusted Application developers.  ‹t-dev partners can enhance the security and enrich the experience of Android based applications on devices equipped with the company’s ‹t™-base TEE.

The ‹t-dev Developer Program launches with a strong ecosystem of tier-1 service partners from a wide range of verticals including mobile financial services, loyalty, integrated marketing, and premium content, to BYOD, identity and enterprise. ARRIS, Discretix, Elliptic, ExactTrak, Good Technology, INSIDE Secure, Intercede, Proxama, SK Telecom, Validity, Verimatrix and Viaccess-Orca are all developing and preparing applications to deploy on devices that have integrated a Trustonic

“We’re delighted to convert significant interest to engagement with Trustonic TEE technology and the rapid growth of our developer ecosystem,” said Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic. “Our first Trustonic

The ‹t-dev Developer Program equips partners with the knowledge, tools, training and support to create secure services on

Application developers can sign up to the ‹t-dev Partner Program by registering their interest through the Trustonic partner portal

The <t-base products provide a trusted foundation for smart connected devices: a hardware-backed security environment that ensures sensitive data is stored, processed and protected.  They feature a built-in remote provisioning capability for the Trustonic ecosystem, allowing the remote deployment of trusted applications into <t-base-enabled devices.  The <t-base products allow secure access to information and data on the smart device, isolated from the rich mobile OS.  Users can now transact with trust on their smart connected devices – be it at work, mobile banking and payment, or entertainment and premium content services.

Supporting Quotes:

ARM: “ARM is pleased to see Trustonic launch its Developer Program and expand its base of partners,” said Tom Lantzsch, EVP Strategy, ARM. “The Program will help developers create secure services and applications that will enhance consumers’ digital lives and spark new business opportunities. We look forward to the next generation of Trusted Applications and seeing how they will benefit areas such as payment, enterprise security and premium content.”

ARRIS: Paul Moroney, Vice President, Advanced Technology, ARRIS said: “Our collaboration with Trustonic will enable the launch of the next wave of content distribution platforms based on HLS and ARRIS SecureMedia® to give consumers anytime, anywhere access to premium entertainment. ARRIS is actively working with companies such as Trustonic and GlobalPlatform to develop open standards-based, secure and trusted methods of digital entertainment distribution to consumers.”

Discretix: “Discretix’s TrustZone-based content protection solutions are deployed in hundreds of millions of devices. These robust, hardware-assisted solutions have been pre-integrated with all major hardware platforms, and are in use by all leading Android OEMs. Our unique expertise and proven track record with numerous

Elliptic: “With world-class security experts and its field-proven tVault™ Content Protection Solutions, Elliptic understands the increasing threats to smart connected devices and the importance of hardware-assisted TEE-based technologies to protect media against theft and to allow the wide deployment of services such as OTT and VoD,” said Vijay Dube, President & CEO of Elliptic Technologies. “We congratulate Trustonic on the launch of their ‹t-dev Developer Partner Program and value our partnership as we move forward together with end-to-end solutions that allow devices to seamlessly integrate multi-DRM and link protection security to greatly enhance the user experience of premium content consumption.”

ExactTrak: Norman Shaw, CEO of ExactTrak says, “As an established supplier of data-loss prevention technology, our partnership with Trustonic will enable delivery of a range of affordable mobile data security services to support BYOD in regulated markets, while ensuring separation of employee’s personal data. From location based data availability to advanced authentication and remote wipe, we will begin customer trials in early 2014.”

G&D: Carsten Ahrens, Group Senior Vice President, Division Server Software and Services 3S at Giesecke & Devrient (G&D): “From the beginning G&D has taken a leading position and strongly supports the creation of a <t-base enabled=”” ecosystem.=”” that’s=”” why=”” g&d=”” provides=”” the=”” first=”” commercially=”” available=”” trusted=”” service=”” manager=”” (tsm)=”” as=”” connecting=”” link=”” for=”” providers,=”” where=”” we=”” securely=”” personalise,=”” deploy=”” and=”” manage=”” lifecycle=”” of=”” protected=”” content=”” mobile=”” devices.=”” with=”” launch=”” trustonic’s=”” partner=”” program=”” expect=”” a=”” further=”” boost=”” to=”” an=”” already=”” vibrant=”” community.”

Gemalto: “Trustonic ‹t-dev Developer Program is building momentum through the support of key software developers, which will provide a rich application base and confirm the TEE as a key component for mobile device security,” commented Tan Teck-Lee, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Gemalto. “Combined with Gemalto’s leading-edge TSM offering to provision and activate secure services in mobile devices, Trustonic ‹t-dev will contribute to accelerating the deployment of secure mobile apps by our customers, whether it is MNOs, banks governments or enterprises. The combination of Trustonic

Good Technology: “We’ve seen increasing presence of the Android platform within our diverse customer base as end users insist that IT support the vast array of Android devices available today,” said John Herrema, senior vice president of product management at Good Technology. “As the leader in secure mobility, we are excited to be working with Trustonic to develop user-friendly solutions that will extend our security model and help speed Android adoption in the enterprise.”

INSIDE Secure: “Threats of malware, viruses and piracy are rapidly spreading to mobile and connected devices as they become increasingly used for more high-value applications.  We see standards-based TEEs, such as those provided by Trustonic, becoming increasingly important in providing a secure environment to protect these applications.  INSIDE is applying its extensive expertise in trusted platform modules, application development and trust infrastructure support to provide

Intercede: CEO of digital identity specialists Intercede, Richard Parris said: “Identity is more valuable than ever. Intercede’s MyID software platform creates trusted digital identities allowing people to prove who they are online. We joined the ‹t-dev Developer Program to focus on building the MyID Identity Agent into smart device TEEs to enable consumer devices to carry secure digital identities. By combining the convenience of mobile devices with the security of TEE protected identities, Intercede aims to make security simple and deliver protection and peace of mind for our customers, which include governments, major aerospace & defence organisations, banks and large corporations.”

Proxama: Neil Garner, CEO and Founder of Proxama, a leading NFC technology provider of mobile wallets and customer engagement said, “Historically security has been a challenge on mobile phones, which is why our partnership with Trustonic is of strategic importance to us. The unique ability of its

SKT: “SKT is always striving to improve user experiences and provide our customers the means to reduce the complexities of security. TEE based services ensure the secure storage and processing of sensitive data, which works alongside the user. Our partnership with Trustonic opens a number of innovative services and new business opportunities” said Euiseok Wi, Executive Vice President, Product Planning Division of SK Telecom.

Validity: “Mobile identity is the most important and valuable element to online and offline digital activities, and it needs protection for users and service providers beyond what has been done today”, said Sebastien Taveau, CTO for Validity. “Trustonic

Verimatrix: “Trustonic

Viacess-Orca: “The partnership between Viaccess-Orca (VO) and Trustonic will enable content service providers to securely deliver premium content in HD quality on smart connected devices thanks to Viaccess-Orca new Connected Sentinel DRM solution. By adopting VO’s Connected Sentinel, providers will benefit from security management that can be achieved over the air through renewal of key security components running on Trustonic TEE without requiring a full firmware upgrade”, said David Leporini, EVP Marketing Products and Security at Viaccess-Orca”

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