Trustonic named highly esteemed Best Solution Provider at 2019 MVNO Awards


The MVNOs Awards are a global event, hosted to celebrate the latest industry innovations and successes. The Best Solution Provider award is granted to companies that have worked with both MVNOs and MNOs in order to support MVNO services.

August 20th, 2019 – Trustonic has been commended by the MVNO Awards as a highly esteemed Best Solution Provider for 2019. Trustonic’s Asset Lifecycle Protection Service (ALPS) was recognized because it protects MVNO’s device-related revenue streams and device subsidies, increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and enabling new financing and leasing use cases. It does this by slashing smartphone fraud, theft and trafficking across an MVNO’s device portfolio.

“It’s extremely satisfying to be recognized at an industry level so soon after product launch. But this won’t be a shock to any of our customers,” comments Ben Cade, CEO at Trustonic. “ALPS is already recouping significant revenues for a number of top tier mobile operators and, as adoption grows, has the potential to minimize and even eliminate organized smartphone trafficking. On the back of success with North American carriers we have received significant interest from around the world so expect new use case and customer announcements in the coming months.”

Trustonic’s mobile carrier device financing platform helps operators to solve a range of challenges by enabling secure remote device lock and unlock. Existing manual unlock codes are easy to overcome, expensive to administer and offer a poor experience to subscribers. The platform automates the process through an easy-to-use app installed during manufacture, providing a positive user experience and reducing CARE costs, while enabling protection for use cases such as:

  • Customer device unlock. When the customer completes their contract and requests to unlock their device, with a simple, user-friendly and secure application installed at production.
  • Supply chain security. Protecting devices by locking them at the moment they are produced makes them worthless if stolen. This safeguards every stage of the supply chain and every participant involved, with the device being unlocked automatically during activation.
  • Protecting subsidized and financed devices. Preventing the use and resale of devices if installment payments are not made. Once a subsidized plan is paid in full the subscriber can request unlock.
  • Activated but not used (ABNU). Identify devices purchased and activated, but sold out of market after activation and not seen again on the original carrier network, often indicative of identity fraud. ABNU protection monitors device network attaches to analyze if usage is in line with carrier expectation.
  • Protecting leased devices. Preventing the resale of leased devices before their lease terms are complete. Additionally, when a lease agreement ends, devices can be locked if not returned.
  • Companion device protection. Protect companion devices like tablets, wearables and multi-device family bundles that are often used as incentives. If the subscriber stops paying the plan, the main device and all companion devices can be simultaneously locked.
  • Warranty, recall & insurance. Enabling devices to be locked once a warranty or insurance claim has been made by a subscriber, or when a manufacturer device recall has been mandated, removing the incentive to sell the device rather than return it.

The Trustonic Asset Lifecycle Protection Service™ (ALPS) is now available globally. Download the brochure.

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The Trustonic hardware-backed security platform is embedded in 2 billion devices, including those from Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Vivo, OPPO and LG. Trustonic’s mobile app protection solutions secure critical apps for banks, fintechs, payment providers, cryptocurrency platforms, automotive manufacturers, mobile network operators and government bodies, including Samsung Pay, Cartes Bancaires, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Hyundai and Volkswagen Group.

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