Trustonic and Nok Nok Labs collaborate to enhance mobile device authentication

Leading Providers of Modern Authentication and Trusted Execution Environments collaborate to replace passwords with strong on-device authentication

LONDON, UK – 12 February 2014: Trustonic, the leading provider of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for smart connected devices, is partnering with Nok Nok Labs, an innovator in modern authentication and founding member of the FIDO Alliance, to make stronger, simpler on-device authentication ubiquitous across the mobile ecosystem.

Trustonic TEE technology is already integrated in over 250 million smart devices and builds trust directly into the heart of a device to protect high-value services such as financial apps, premium movies and enterprise data. Trustonic enables service providers to make use of on-chip security features in these devices.

Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Authentication Suite leverages the existing security capabilities on a user’s device such as a built-in fingerprint sensor, camera or Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to provide user-friendly, strong authentication to any application. As a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, Nok Nok Labs is providing the first FIDO Ready TM  client to integrate with the Trustonic TEE.

Under the collaboration, Nok Nok Labs will work with Trustonic to integrate its NNL™ Multifactor Authentication Client (MFAC) with the Trustonic ‹t™-base Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), making it possible for developers enrolled in the Trustonic ‹t-dev developer program to build simple, strong authentication quickly into trusted apps.

Trustonic will also work with Nok Nok Labs to allow NNLauthentication apps to run in the <t-base environment on smart connected devices such as smartphones. This will provide hardware isolation for cryptography, a trusted user interface for protection of PINs, secure display of transaction data and a fast processing environment to perform fingerprint recognition when using low-cost sensors.

Ben Cade, CEO, Trustonic commented: “Our partnership with Nok Nok Labs addresses the common goal of improving the quality and user experience of on-device authentication. By combining Nok Nok Labs’ expertise in authentication with our TEE, our combined partner ecosystems will have access to simple yet powerful “out the box” authentication with protected input via keypad or fingerprint on a broad range of smart connected devices.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Trustonic in order to provide TEE support for authentication on smart connected devices.” said Phillip Dunkelberger, President & CEO, Nok Nok Labs.  “Our customers will be able to leverage hardware-based security in a range of different authentication scenarios. This increased level of security meets the business and risk requirements of online banking and payments amongst others.”

Nok Nok Labs and Trustonic will work to simplify the app development process by integrating a standard API within the <t-base TEE using Nok Nok Labs’ Multifactor Authentication Client. The TEE will provide secure storage and processing of keys, PINs and biometric data using on <t-base enabled devices, independent and irrespective of operating system integrity.

About Nok Nok Labs

Nok Nok Labs, Inc., based in Palo Alto, CA, was founded to transform online authentication for modern computing. The company is backed by a team of security industry veterans from PGP, Netscape, Oracle, PayPal and Phoenix that have deep experience in building Internet scale security protocols and products.  The company’s ambition is to enable end-to-end trust across the web using authentication methods that are natural to end-users and provide strong proof of identity.  For more information, visit

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