Trustonic secures PlayCoin cryptocurrency for GameHub

Online gaming platform provider turns to device security leader Trustonic to provide protection

The online gaming industry continues to grow, making it an attractive proposition for investors and developers. Unfortunately, this popularity also makes it a potentially lucrative target for hackers and fraudsters. As a shield against this threat, GameHub, the leading international mobile gaming platform, is utilising best-in-class security technology from Trustonic to protect its PlayCoin cryptocurrency wallet.

PlayCoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency created by GameHub. It was formed to build a strong, transparent and profitable relationship between users, game creators, social influencers and advertisers.  By using the Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) solution, the user’s private key is protected by a unique combination of software and hardware in end-users’ devices, providing the best possible security for PlayCoin, irrespective of the device used. There are already more than 1.7 billion devices which embed Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) hardware security technology. TAP also ensures that those devices without a TEE automatically leverage the most sophisticated software protection available, including white box cryptography and code protection techniques.

Dennis Kim, CEO of GameHub, commented: “The PlayCoin ecosystem is diverse and international. From the outset, we need to ensure that all those who interact with PlayCoin are secure, otherwise they will not place trust in our platform. Separate security tokens and OTP generators are cumbersome and, whilst they offer security, they also deliver a poor customer experience. To select a security solution, we looked at various wallets and tried to crack their security.  The one protected by TAP was the only one that we couldn’t break. By using Trustonic, we not only address the security problem, but we also enhance the user experience, which is a critical element to our service. This will enable us to deliver simpler, faster and safer transactions.”

“More and more developers are recognising the value of our TAP solution,” added Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic. “Delivering security while maintaining or improving the user experience is critical for innovators such as GameHub and Trustonic is the only company giving service providers easy access to hardware security in mobile devices. We are really pleased to be helping such an innovative company as GameHub, who are really taking their security seriously.”

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