Trustonic TEE enhances device security of global manufacturer

One of the world’s largest mobile device manufacturers is now integrating Trustonic’s device and application security technology.

Vivo, one of the world’s largest mobile device manufacturers, is now integrating Trustonic’s device security and application security technology. Headquartered in China, Vivo has grown exponentially since its foundation in 2009 and is now present in over 100 countries worldwide. The move means that Trustonic’s security technology is now used by 9 of the top 10 Android device manufacturers worldwide.

Vivo uses the Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP), including the Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)*, to enhance the security of its devices and to safeguard the privacy of its customers. Incorporating TSP into its devices also enables Vivo to comply with Chinese IFAA (Alipay) and WeChatPay requirements and, internationally, Google’s CTS, all of which mandate the use of hardware-backed security in Android devices.

“Trustonic’s platforms are the most effective technology for delivering a secure and rich user experience, as they protect sensitive applications from hacking and malware. Uniquely, our TEE is open, meaning that trusted applications from third-party service providers can also benefit from its security services,” added Richard Hayton, CTO at Trustonic.

Already embedded in more than 2 billion devices, TSP delivers hardware protection in the form of a secure operating system which is completely isolated from the device operating system. This makes it, and trusted applications residing in it, highly protected from software threats resident on the device and enables advanced device security, such as biometric authentication and secure DRM. Opening up access to secure hardware in the device enables both Vivo and third-party service providers to deliver simpler, richer and faster services whilst, at the same time, improving security.  The hardware-based Root of Trust delivered by TSP also ensures that a trusted identity is preserved within the device, preventing fraudulent use or cloning.

Ben Cade, CEO at Trustonic, adds: “The Trustonic Secure Platform has reached critical mass. Initiatives such as IFAA in China and Google’s mandate are driving awareness and adoption, but it is the value that hardware protection brings to improving the user experience, whilst also protecting connected devices from hacking and malware, that is driving the market forward. Vivo recognises the value that the TEE can bring to its devices. The technology enhances the security of Vivo’s own data and services, but, with our open approach, it can offer enhanced security services to the service providers that deploy apps and data to its devices. It is this all-market collaborative approach that will drive innovation and trust, which is fundamental to the success of new technologies.”

In 2017, Trustonic became the first global manufacturer to achieve Common Criteria security certification for TEE device security product, establishing its status as a global market leader. Having reached the milestone of hardware deployment in over 2 billion devices, it is paving the way for mass market delivery of TEE and associated services on connected devices. To find out more about its technology, visit the Trustonic website and blog

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