Cybersecurity is a New Dimension of Quality in the Automotive Industry

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This week McKinsey & Co. and the Global Semiconductor Alliance published an enlightening report into the changing attitudes towards cybersecurity in the automotive industry. The report highlights both the new regulatory frameworks that will force cybersecurity to the top of the agenda as well as a key change in perception of the role that cybersecurity plays in the future of the industry.

Automotive Cyber Security Standards

New automotive regulations are being finalised and will impact over 24m vehicles in more than 60 countries around the world. The World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations framework on cybersecurity and software updates will be implemented from mid-2022 (UNECE WP.29).  One of the main requirements of these regulations is to secure the vehicle by design, in order to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks along the value chain.   For many companies this will require a fundamental change in approach. Cybersecurity should no longer be viewed as a bolt-on solution to legacy software architectures.

The study highlights that 61% of respondents view reputation risk as a key concern when it comes to cybersecurity, with customers putting blame and liability for any security issues firmly on to the OEMs. Additionally, 62%  highlighted the quality impact of poor cybersecurity solutions implemented across the automotive supply chain. This clearly underlines a growing recognition that cybersecurity needs to be a crucial strategic consideration for the industry as a whole. Security must become a central part of a company’s quality processes and frameworks.

At Trustonic, we believe that the impact of robust automotive cybersecurity will extend even further to be a core foundation upon which customer engagement is enhanced.  With Connected Cars, Cellular-V2X, ADAS & Autonomy all set to be key technologies in the near future, it will be imperative that customers have the upmost confidence in the OEMs ability to protect their vehicles, their data and their services just as much as they trust them to protect their lives.

How Trustonic Can Help

We are working with companies across the automotive value chain, from chipset providers to OEMs, to embed our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) into millions of vehicles around the world, providing next level security for protecting assets and ensuring that critical applications and services are protected. Implementing a TEE at the hardware level ensures that there is always a secure runtime environment within the vehicle, a key step towards delivering secure vehicles by design. We believe these new regulations and requirements will play an important role in ensuring that from a digital perspective, the automotive industry can fully realise the vision and value of a connected future.

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