Innovating HCE Mobile Payments with Cartes Bancaires

Cartes Bancaires, one of the world’s largest card payment schemes, is collaborating with Trustonic and fintech software experts dejamobile on an innovative new mobile payment initiative.

Today, Trustonic partner dejamobile published a white paper outlining a project that Cartes Bancaires, dejamobile and Trustonic are developing together.

The project aims to bring advanced security and improved user experience to Host Card Emulation (HCE) mobile payment apps, while making life much easier for app developers.

Using Trustonic Application Protection (TAP), dejamobile is building an app designed for evaluation by Cartes Bancaires’ member banks. The solution is GlobalPlatform-compliant, designed to make it easy for developers to deliver the highest level of security available on mobile devices and to enable a simpler, faster and more secure user authentication experience.
Cartes Bancaires, dejamobile and Trustonic

“as the market volume of mobile payments increases, the probability of attackers trying to circumvent these software protection countermeasures will inevitably increase. This implies the need for our community of payment solution developers to anticipate the next generation of protection countermeasures that need to be implemented in HCE-based solutions”

The project is delivering powerful new secure biometric authentication capabilities on devices and new standards-based secure UX features including Trusted User Interface (TUI).

By exploring alternatives that offer higher performance, easier development, and more features than legacy Secure Element (SE) solutions and with much greater protection and better user experience than traditional software-only application shielding techniques, the project is an industry-first initiative in the cybersecurity market.

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