Kinibi Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

The Kinibi Trusted Execution Environment( TEE) is Trustonic's latest version of the Trustonic Secured Platform.

It enables hardware-based security to protect against malware, enables proactive threat protection and provides additional protection for data in the event a device is lost or stolen. The Kinibi TEE provides all of these features with simpler and stronger authentication than other solutions and has been designed to address the most security-demanding use cases.

The Kinibi TEE is the first TEE opened to application developers and service providers.Kinibi TEE offers an open set API for developers to develop and protect their applications for various use cases such as mobile banking, premium content protection, corporate services...

This state-of-the-art TEE brings the benefits of Trustonic's continuous investment to bring unique features such as the Trusted User Interface(TUI). Other innovative features such as Kinibi Key Provisioning Host(KPH), means that the Kinibi TEE is the only TEE which allows service providers to administrate their Trusted Applications over the air.

The Kinibi TEE supports the most recent standards such as GlobalPlatform and complies with the network operator requirements.

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