One Platform, Multiple Use Cases – Protecting revenue throughout the smartphone lifecycle

Increase ARPU and improve financial performance by slashing smartphone fraud, theft and trafficking across the device portfolio.

ALPS is a mobile operator-focused platform designed to stop profit erosion stemming from smartphone fraud, device trafficking, sold but not activated, and activated but not used exploits. By leveraging best in class hardware-backed security, Trustonic’s security approach is not susceptible to common software-based attacks or device re-flashing. ALPS integrates right into the manufacturing process so devices are protected from the moment they are built and all the way through their lifecycle. ALPS secures the device at a fundamental level giving MNOs & MVNOs a secure communication path to control the device’s modem in order to allow or restrict device communications. ALPS is trusted by some of the largest MNOs around the world and has been implemented at scale on millions of devices.

mobile fraud prevention

Billion Dollar Issue – Smartphone theft, fraud, trafficking & sold-but-not-activated devices

With theft and fraud ranging from 5% to 25% of device shipments and operators reporting a 200% YOY increase in armed robberies at retail stores, employees, customers, brand reputation and profit are suffering. The problem is costing the industry billions of dollars in lost revenues every year.

Existing manual unlock codes are easy to overcome, expensive to administer and are a poor experience for subscribers. Point software solutions and OEM-specific remedies are not scalable across evolving device ranges and are easily defeated by determined criminals.

smartphone fraud protection

The Solution – Device & app protection combined with unique integration into the smartphone manufacturing ecosystem

Asset Lifecycle Protection Service™ (ALPS) from Trustonic is a platform designed to give mobile operators complete control over the remote lock and unlock process. MNOs and MVNOs can now minimize smartphone theft, fraud and trafficking, allowing them to safeguard their device investments, protect revenue and drive additional profit contribution.

Asset Lifecycle Protection Service

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Trusted by some of the world’s largest mobile network operators

Proven Experience – Deployed by some of the world’s largest and most innovative mobile network operators

Developed in collaboration with some of the largest operators in North America, ALPS is now available globally. The service can be deployed and scaled rapidly across device ranges spanning multiple OEMs.

  • Asset investment protection
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Operational efficiency
  • Innovate & differentiate with new services
Maximize ARPU in Telecoms

Built For – Leaders who want to maximize ARPU, minimize SBNA and increase profit

  • CFO – Stem revenue loss, stabilize CPGA, reduce CARE costs, enable new revenue streams and maximize EBITDA
  • Product Marketing – Improve the customer experience, protect margins and maximise ARPU
  • Revenue Assurance – Curtail revenue loss from subsidized, financed and leased device assets
  • Security, Fraud and Compliance teams – Deter theft and crime throughout the supply chain and across the mobile device lifecycle, maintain IMEI integrity
  • IT teams – Integrate into existing business systems and deploy flexible rules-based lock/unlock processes with seamless UX

Mobile Fraud & Theft Prevention

ALPS helps operators to solve a range of challenges by enabling secure remote device lock & unlock. The platform enables the process through a proven and scalable OEM integration during manufacture, enabling protection for use cases such as:

  • Remote SIM Unlock Mobile device unlock

    Mobile device unlock

    When the customer completes their contract, devices that are eligible for unlock can request a permanent unlock with a simple, user-friendly and secure mobile device unlock app installed at production.

  • Supply Chain Smartphone fraud protection

    Supply chain security

    Protecting devices by locking them at the moment they are produced makes them worthless if stolen. This safeguards every stage of the supply chain and every participant involved, with the device being unlocked automatically during activation.

  • Device Financing (Subsidy Lock)  Increase ARPU Telecom

    Protecting subsidized and financed devices

    Preventing the use and resale of devices if installment payments are not made. Once a subsidized plan is paid in full the subscriber can request unlock.

  • Device Leasing Prevent the resale of smartphone devices

    Protecting leased devices

    Preventing the resale of leased devices before their lease terms are complete. Additionally, when a lease agreement ends devices can be locked if not returned.

  • Companion Devices  Increase subscriber ARPU

    Companion device protection

    Protect companion devices like tablets, wearables and multi-device family bundles that are often used as incentives. If the subscriber stops paying the plan, the main device and all companion devices can be simultaneously locked.

  • Warranty Fraud Prevention Smartphone fraud protection

    Warranty and insurance fraud prevention

    Enabling devices to be locked once a warranty or insurance claim has been made by the customer, removing the incentive to fraudulently sell the device.

  • Device Recall & Insurance Remote smartphone lock

    Device recall

    For consumer safety, devices are sometimes recalled. The ability to lock devices prevents continued use or re-sale after the recall has been issued.

Smartphone Theft Protection

Slash Smartphone Fraud, Theft & Trafficking

ALPS mobile device security solution addresses:

  • Activation fraud
  • Sold but not activated (SBNA)
  • Activated but not used (ABNU)
  • Supply chain & retail theft
  • CARE costs
  • IMEI spoofing
  • SIM-swap fraud prevention
  • Warranty fraud
  • Trafficking
  • Revenue protection
  • Device security
  • Subscriber fraud
  • ARPU decline
  • EBITDA risk
mobile device security solution - ALPS