Trusted User Interface (TUI)

As more devices use touch interfaces the need to secure the user interface has increased. More consumers are inputting sensitive passwords, PINs into their mobile devices and making a wider variety of financial transactions. Not only does the data need to be secured via transmission but consumers are looking to have more confidence in displays and direct interactions with the device.

With Trustonics Trusted User Interface the touchscreen is isolated by Trustonic TEE. It enables the touchscreen to be isolated and protects the PIN/passwords from keyloggers. The securely display information  cannot be changed or seen by malware. So the user is confident that what they are seeing is a Trusted App.

Key uses of Trusted User interfaces

  • Securely display information than cannot be changed or seen by malware
    • Transaction information
    • User-specific and “secret”
    • One-Time Password entry
  • Enter securely information that cannot be identified by malware
    • PIN
    • Login/passwords

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