The future of the automotive industry: technology in 2022 & beyond

The last two years have witnessed a challenging market for the automotive industry. The global pandemic has impacted vehicle purchases and supply chain issues have disrupted chip deliveries. Sales of new cars have fallen as the world has moved in and out of lockdowns.  

However, these issues haven’t impacted innovation. And a recent fuel shortage in the UK is seeing increased demand for electric vehicles. There are many exciting developments we envisage progressing over the next 12 months and beyond.   

Increased awareness and demand for connected car technology

Connected car technology continues to evolve with enhanced awareness within the market increasing demand. This is being driven by consumers wishing to purchase vehicles with innovative features, including infotainment, biometrics, voice assistance and autonomous driving.  

This is complemented with greater awareness of how the vehicle interacts with its environment; there is a lot moving the industry forward. As we move towards an increasingly connected vehicle, it is important that we don’t forget the fundamental need for connected car security.  

Drivers and passengers’ devices are becoming increasingly connected with their vehicles, but as the technology advances, vehicles will also need to connect to other devices. We will begin to see connections across different vehicle types, whether a car, an electric scooter or a city rental bike. Having one account across all modes of transports will be the future of transportation. Consumers increasingly want ease of use from any interaction they have.  

Technological innovation should always be strived for, but it needs to be hand in hand with security by design. As these developments in the industry start to move into production, we need to ensure that we are protecting drivers. Both from a physical and virtual standpoint.  

In this piece, we look at the trends that will gain traction from 2022 to 2030 and the considerations that manufacturers need to consider and address as we move to a fully connected world.

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