KB Bank: Protecting the Mobile Banking Experience with Application Security

Protecting the Mobile Banking Experience with Trustonic’s Application Security

KB Kookmin Bank (KB Bank) is Korea’s largest bank in terms of the number of mobile users, providing online and mobile banking services to over 10 million customers.

The challenge: Simplifying mobile banking authentication

Traditionally, Korea has required its mobile banking users to present public certificates, typically issued by an NPKI accredited CA, for authentication purposes and to ensure the integrity of transaction records. In addition to installing certificates, citizens are also required to renew these certificates regularly.

The process of installing and renewing public certificates can be a complex, frustrating, and time-consuming one for customers, often requiring revalidation and multiple passwords. As a result, Korea’s certificate-based authentication infrastructure has limited the user experience for mobile banking apps.

The solution: Use Trustonic Application Security to simplify the user experience

Trustonic’s Application Security solution has enabled the bank to provide faster, simpler and more secure digital banking services by removing this “friction” from the customer authentication process.

KB Bank are taking a more open-market approach by issuing their own public certificates, rather than relying on a government agency or third-party. These certificates are stored securely inside KB Bank’s Star Banking app using our Application Security. It protects the certificates by isolating them inside a secure environment on the user’s smartphone.

The Application Security platform safeguards mobile applications by securing sensitive code, data and processes in a highly protected environment. This environment dynamically upgrades over the course of an app’s lifecycle to take advantage of the most advanced hardware and software security technologies available on smartphones. Banking, payment, acceptance and fintech app developers benefit, as they can use the Trustonic SDK to build secure next-generation experiences.

By using our Application Security to protect the digital authentication certificates, KB Bank has dramatically simplified customers’ access to banking services, and enabled customers to authenticate higher value transfers in-app, without the need for cumbersome security tokens or unified user authentication.

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