DAEATI chooses Trustonic IoT and device security for open rail control network

Trustonic security solutions support first Korean railway cybersecurity project to embrace secure IoT, smartphone use and a move to open networks.

IoT Railway Cybersecurity

Leading railway traffic control system innovator DAEATI. Co., Ltd. has launched a government-supported industrial internet of things (IIoT) project to develop the first rail traffic control system to be based on an open network in cooperation with the Korea Railroad Research Institute. DAEATI has chosen Trustonic’s suite of application, device and IoT protection technologies to ensure robust security.

A technical researcher from the Railroad Research Institute at DAEATI explains, “Traditionally rail control networks have been closed, but now new industrial IoT and smart device technology represent a huge opportunity for the transport industry to transform. But we must have the strongest security foundations across every device and application in the network, from sensors and signaling right through to the trains themselves, to ensure the safety of passengers and staff. With Trustonic, we have a partner that helps us protect mobile apps, IoT endpoints and the services they are connected to. With this platform, we are innovating to build the future of rail travel.”

DAEATI will use devices embedded with Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) – an area isolated in hardware from the main device operating system – to develop this new foundational infrastructure. This brings features like IoT security, device attestation and provenance, secure communication and cloud connectivity to ensure every device can be trusted.

Applications and management platforms can then be developed using Trustonic Application Protection (TAP), an SDK that enables developers to easily build smartphone and tablet apps and services with the strongest security.

“This project demonstrates security as an enabler for innovation. This open network project will see DAEATI eliminate costly infrastructure by connecting sensors and management applications to the cellular network. What is important is that they are set to improve the security of the network, while opening up a whole range of new and creative ways to actively manage the rail infrastructure and trains that run on the infrastructure, and better serve Korean passengers. We are excited to collaborate with DAEATI on this groundbreaking IoT project that will help define the future of rail travel,” concludes Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic.

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