Internet of things

Trust is a fundamental need for the broad adoption of IoT. Any compromise can lead to breaches in user trust, potentially revealing private data and significantly impacting service providers and device makers’ brand and reputation. Trustonic has the IoT security solutions and certifications to secure and protect customers’ data.

Smarthome device security

As consumers, we are increasingly reliant on our smart devices to run our connected lives. Major brands, such as those offering digital assistants or licensing technology to third parties understand this is predicated on trust – recognising that cloud services won’t be trusted unless devices are secure.

IoT smarthome examples

Connected Doorbell Icon
Connected Doorbell
Connected Locks
Connected Locks
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White Goods (dishwasher/fridge)

In addition to well-understood needs for smarthome device security itself, there is a growing need to certify and accredit connected devices. Certification used to be the preserve of a small number of regulated industries, however, increasingly brand holders are setting their own security standards and requiring partners to submit their products for testing and validation.

Trustonic has significant experience in achieving and helping others secure cybersecurity certifications.

Securing wearable devices

The growth of wearables is set to continue to grow exponentially. With the increased connectivity, comes an increased need to consider data security. More wearables mean more data being generated and processed, consumers and brands alike need to put wearables’ security at the heart of their product design considerations.

For wearable devices, user privacy is high on the priority list. Security is a foundation for this, and if data is to be trusted, device integrity is equally important. Many wearables are based on technology and processes honed in the mobile phone space, and device makers are expected to meet the same high standards.

VR Headset
VR headsets
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Connected headphones
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AR headsets

This high level of security is expected for digital media protection, user privacy and to meet the needs of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other companies’ compliance programs, including providing devices boot and update securely and protect sensitive data.

Enterprise IoT Security

Today’s connected devices are very capable and often complex computing systems. Software architectures are based on common components found elsewhere in the industry. Any vulnerability has a broad impact and with enterprise IoT, this could impact enterprise, regionally or even nation-wide.

Enterprise systems need to be “secure by design”.  Our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)  allows critical code and data to be separated from the less secure parts of the device. This enables both higher levels of assurance and the ability to certify solutions where necessary.

Secure by design

Key capabilities

Device Integrity Icon
Device Integrity / strong identity
Secure Execution Icon
Secure execution
Secure Peripherals Bold icon 3
Secure peripherals
Secure Communication Icon
Secure communication
Certification Icon
Certification and compliance

Our approach enables rapid innovation and provides high-level protection. As the TEE relies on hardware capabilities baked into every Arm chip, there is no additional bill of materials, enabling a very cost-effective solution.