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Consumers are keeping more and
more personal data on their phones.
OEMs need to protect it

Making security your top priority

Embedded mobile security should be a top priority for any manufacturer seeking to secure customer trust. New mobile devices, applications and services are increasing the sharing and storing of personal information. That’s driving a need for tighter device security to protect access to the devices and to users confidential data.


Protecting system and location data

Consumers increasingly rely on devices for navigation, directions and mapping, as well as for storing private data. So robust security measures are critical. Our Secure OS ensures the highest level of handset security, attracting the growing numbers of consumers who value privacy and security. With our state-of-the-art Secure OS, you’ll offer both seamless functionality and peace of mind for consumers, securing competitive advantage.

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Securing biometric data

Increasing amounts of sensitive data are stored on our mobile devices. So ensuring only the individual owner has access to their device has never been more important. Biometric authentication methods provide a highly secure and reliable means of verifying a user’s identity. Our Secure OS allows critical code and data to be separated from the less secure parts of devices, enabling higher levels of assurance and the ability to certify solutions.

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Providing confidence to content creators

Content consumption on mobile devices continues to grow exponentially, making it crucial for device manufacturers and OEMs to build robust, secure platforms that protect content creators rights. By utilizing our secure OS, you safeguard content, mitigate the risks of unauthorized access, copyright infringement and piracy. That enables content creators to protect their intellectual property and maintain the value of their assets, fostering strong relationships.

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Android compliance

Android recognizes the need for strong security within any device, and requires all OEMs to undergo a compatibility test suite to ensure the functionality and security of their devices. Our Secure OS can meet all requirements of the Compatibility Test Suite for the latest Android releases, including those related to Digital Rights Management, KeyMint and Biometric processing

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Understanding your needs

To meet your specific requirements and security roadmap needs we offer a wide range of cybersecurity professional services. Every OEM has a unique focus and set of requirements. So our professional services adapts. Enable security, create competitive advantage and build a foundation for revenue growth – with Trustonic.

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Find out more about our technology

Our Secure Platform sets new standards in hardware back protection, empowering mobile device manufacturers to protect the devices they sell and build trust with their consumers.

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