Our mission is to embed the best security into the world’s smart devices and apps, empowering designers, developers and OEMs to build the trust required to deliver simple, fast and secure solutions.

mobile fraud & theft prevention

Increasing Profit in the Mobile Ecosystem

Asset Lifecycle Protection Service (ALPS) gives mobile operators advanced device assurance and control that enables innovative new financing and subsidized models. ALPS helps grow subscribers and ARPU and also eliminates profit erosion from mobile device fraud, theft & trafficking.

mobile app protection

Protecting Critical Apps

Trustonic’s mobile app protection platform makes it easy for app developers to build advanced security and shielding into critical mobile apps. Our solutions are EMVCo, GlobalPlatform, Common Criteria and FIPS 140 certified. Trustonic app protection is unique in the market, combining both hardware-backed & software-based Trusted Execution Environment capabilities, including code protection, obfuscation, white-box cryptography and anti-tampering.

Device Security

Securing Devices

Trustonic hardware-based device security is used by OEMs, ODMs and manufacturers worldwide to deliver trust and protection for all kinds of devices. From CPUs and MCUs to smartphones, wearables, automotive IVI systems and healthcare devices, our platform delivers total protection and compliance with industry-mandated requirements.

IoT Security

IoT Security, Enabling Trust

Big or small, high-powered or constrained, all “smart things” from smartphones to IoT sensors require connectivity, security and trust. Trustonic embeds devices with immutable, trusted identities at scale and provides services to identify and attest that a device is trusted throughout its lifecycle.