Trustonic’s cybersecurity solutions are focussed on key areas

Securing mobile applications using a unique hardware and software approach with Trustonic Application Protection and securing smart devices by embedding a Trusted Execution Environment and Root of Trust.

Secure mobile application protection

Application Protection

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) is a unique mobile security solution which delivers the most secure application protection for any iOS or Android-based mobile device. It boasts a unique combination of software and hardware-based security, which provides optimal protection for mobile apps and associated sensitive data.

Device Security

Device Security

Trustonic delivers an open Trusted Execution Environment which is already embedded into more than a billion devices. Working with leading partners in the device chain, Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP) help OEMs to deliver compelling, secure devices to multiple markets.

mobile fraud & theft prevention

Revenue Protection for MNOs & MVNOs

ALPS is a mobile operator-focused platform designed to stop profit erosion stemming from mobile fraud & theft, device trafficking, sold but not activated, and activated but not used exploits. By leveraging best in class hardware-backed security, Trustonic’s security approach is not susceptible to common software-based attacks or device re-flashing.

IoT Security

The world is becoming increasingly connected, not just through smartphones and wearables, but also through connected devices in cars, homes and cities. This opens up many new and exciting opportunities but also introduces challenges around how we protect and secure IoT devices, users and services.